Committee on Academic Staff Issues


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By-laws of the College of Engineering Committee on Academic Staff Issues

  1. Mission Statement
    The College of Engineering Committee on Academic Staff Issues shall advise the Dean on the formulation and review, and shall be represented in the development of, all policies and procedures concerning the College's academic staff members, including personnel policies and procedures.
  2. Responsibilities
    The responsibilities of the CoE Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) include, but are not limited to:
    1. advising the Dean on the formulation and review of all CoE policies and procedures concerning CoE academic staff, including personnel matters;
    2. representing CoE academic staff members in the development of all CoE policies and procedures concerning academic staff, including personnel matters;
    3. advising the Dean on college program decisions likely to affect promotional opportunities or lead to nonrenewal or layoff of academic staff members;
    4. developing opportunities for participation of academic staff members in college, department and unit governance and committee work;
    5. developing opportunities for recognition of contributions by academic staff members to the mission of the College of Engineering and to the excellence of its programs;
    6. serving as the official body the Dean would initially consult on matters related to or affecting academic staff;
    7. serving as a central point to which academic staff could take their concerns;
    8. building connections between College of Engineering Category A and Category B academic staff;
    9. communicating information to and from the Academic Staff Assembly (ASA) and its Standing Committees, the Academic Staff Executive Committee (ASEC), the Academic Staff Public Representation Organization (ASPRO), and other campus committees; and
    10. developing mentoring and professional development programs for CoE academic staff.
  3. Membership
    The College of Engineering CASI will consist of ten members: six elected by the CoE Academic Staff, three appointed by the Dean, and the Dean or his designee as an ex-officio non-voting member. All elected and appointed members shall be academic staff holding at least a 50% appointment within the CoE. Based on approximate percentages of CoE academic staff in the various functional areas, it is intended that the six elected members include two academic staff from the instructional area, two from the research area, and two from all other functional areas combined (administration, communication, information technology, library services, student services, and other), provided that sufficient candidates are available. The Dean will appoint two committee members and will consider the balance among various groups (male/female, function, discipline) in determining the appointments. The Dean or his designee will chair the committee. The Dean will appoint two CoE academic staff members to serve as staff to the CASI. In the spring, CASI will elect a CASI member who will serve as coordinator of CASI's activities for one year. Any member may serve at most two consecutive years as coordinator.

    Substitutes may attend a meeting in place of a CASI member and participate in the discussion, but not in formal votes.

  4. Nominations/Elections Although the membership rules above specify positions based on functional areas to assure representation of all academic staff in the CoE and to provide a variety of perspectives, each elected/appointed member will represent the entire academic staff of the CoE rather than a particular constituency. Therefore, all elections will be at-large: all academic staff members will be eligible to vote in each election regardless of the functional area the candidates represent.

    Elections shall be held annually in the spring when there is a vacancy in an elected position. An election subcommittee will be established to conduct the election. The Dean will send Academic Staff Document #210 and a call for nominations — of themselves or others — to all CoE academic staff. The Dean will also request nominations from all CoE department chairs and directors. An academic staff member who accepts a nomination will submit a brief statement to the election subcommittee, including information on the candidate's background and a position statement. The election subcommittee will review the nominees and develop a slate not to exceed three candidates for each seat. The nominees' statements will be posted on the CASI Web site, and votes will be cast by on-line ballot on the CASI Web site.

    After the initial appointments and election, all members will hold three-year terms. The term is July 1 through June 30. No member may serve for more than six consecutive years. V. Vacancies Vacancies of appointed positions shall be filled by appointment by the Dean. Vacancies of elected positions shall be filled by appointment by the CASI. These appointments shall serve for the remainder of the term. The CASI may choose not to appoint anyone to a vacant position with less than six months remaining in the term. VI. Procedures 1. The Dean or Dean's designee shall chair the committee. 2. The CASI shall meet at least once per semester. 3. The Chair of the CASI shall schedule additional meetings of the CASI within a reasonable time if requested by at least one-third of the CASI members. 4. The Chair of the CASI shall solicit suggestions for agenda items from CoE academic staff via an e-mail message sent two weeks prior to each CASI meeting. 5. The Chair will ensure that the meeting agenda is sent to all CoE academic staff via e-mail at least 24 hours prior to a CASI meeting. 6. Staff to the CASI shall write the meeting minutes and distribute them to the CASI via e-mail for approval. Approved minutes shall be distributed to all CoE academic staff via e-mail and to all departments for posting. They will also be posted on the CASI Web site. 7. The CASI may appoint ad hoc subcommittees to address specific issues. Both CASI and non-CASI members may serve on subcommittees. 8. Votes on matters before the committee shall be taken on the motion of one member and a second of the motion by another member. For the purposes of voting, a quorum shall require two-thirds of all voting members to be present. Once a quorum is present, approval requires an affirmative vote of three-fourths of those voting members present. 9. At intervals not to exceed five years, the elected academic staff members of the CASI shall review its structure and functions to assess the CASI's effectiveness as a voice for CoE academic staff and its compliance with Academic Staff Policies and Procedures. The CASI shall submit the self-study report to the Dean, to the CoE academic staff, and to the Academic Staff Executive Committee (ASEC). 10. Proposed bylaw changes shall be circulated to all CASI members a minimum of 14 days prior to a CASI meeting. A two-thirds vote of all voting members is required to change the bylaws. The bylaws and any subsequent changes to them will be filed with the secretary of the academic staff and posted on the CASI Web site. 11. The CASI Coordinator will facilitate CASI activities, and serve as the CASI liaison to the Dean and CASI staff. As revised by the CoE CASI and filed with the Secretary of the Academic Staff on June 2, 2005.