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ISyE 349 Introduction to Human Factors
Design for people-machine interaction, including an introduction to the relevant underlying human sciences. Theory, data, and measurement problems in human information processing, anthropometry, training and industrial safety. Laboratories, discussions, and a design project.
ISyE 476 Industrial Engineering Projects
Complete design of an industrial engineering system in a real world setting, e.g., manufacturing, hospital, communications, food processing, distribution, transportation, etc.
ISyE 555 Human Performance and Accident Causation
A systems view of accident causation, with emphasis on the human performance limitations important in industrial and other accidents. Models of causation, data collection systems, economic evaluation, and safety programs.
ISyE 556 Occupational Safety and Health Engineering
  Introduction to the principles of safety and health hazards in the industrial environment. This course provides engineers with the fundamentals of measurement, evaluation, regulation, and control of hazardous conditions, toxic substances, physical agents, and dangerous processes in industrial operations.
ISyE 653 Organization and Job Design
Design of productive organizations and people's roles within them. Issues including boundary location, organizational decision levels, autonomous work groups, implementation and diffusion.
ISyE 753 Seminar in Organization and Job Design
  Discussion of current theory and practice of job and organization design.
ISyE 854 Special Topics in Organization Design
  Special Topics in Organization Design.
ISyE 859 Special Topics in Human Factors Engineering
  Special Topics in Human Factors Engineering.

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