Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

PolycomPolycom Codec – This technology is most like a meeting with 2-way interactive conferencing. We currently support 2 systems in conference rooms on the Engineering Campus. This is a free service to the College of Engineering, if IP connections are used.

We can connect point-to-point between two sites. If you need to connect to more than one other site, a third party bridge will need to be used. This will incur a charge.

Contact Jeff Stevens @ 263-3163 with further questions or to set up a reservation.

We offer both ISDN and IP based connections (ITU H.323 or H.320). If we place an ISDN call you will be a charge for the call. IP calls and incoming ISDN calls are no cost.
Computer graphics and other materials may not look as not as clear or crisp as they do on a computer screen if both sides don't have graphic capabilities. If this is important, WiscLine Web may be worth looking into.

WiscLine  Web - This is 2-way meeting technology that links 2 or more sites through a Web browser and a phone line.  The software allows PowerPoint and live desk/screen sharing among participants. No full motion video and no face-to-face options are available with WiscLine Web. This technology is scheduled through ICS, and there is a charge for this service.