Please note that we can only duplicate material for which the copyright has been cleared.

Contact us at:
ems@engr.wisc.edu or 263-3163

EMS can help you with duplication of CD,DVD, VHS, or many of the formats below. Conversion to CD or DVD and a wide variety of video production and editing services are also possible. Small quantity or large volume duplication can be handled direct from any below master formats.

We are limited to university-based internal transactions. We can not accept cash, checks or other forms payment.

CD/DVD Duplication – We can duplicate CDs or DVDs. We can provide the copies, cases and labels. If you like we can create the master from your files.

DVD/CD duplication rates per copy
Duplication only (you provide media) $1
CD/DVD blank with case or sleeve $1
Printed label on CD/DVD $1.5
Duplication, blank disc & label $3.5

Videotape Duplication – We can duplicate from any below master format to most formats. Charges will vary depending upon tape stock, time, quantity.

Packaging and Printing - Our disc printer will allow us to print directly onto the disc, without the use of paper labels. We have a graphics staff that can create cover art for your project or assist you with your pre-made template.
We stock a variety cases for your finished CD/DVDs. Jewel cases, slim line jewel cases, paper sleeves with clear plastic windows and a variety of others cases to fit your needs.

Video Master Formats:

  • 1" Tape
  • 2" Quad Tape
  • 3/4" Umatic SP
  • 3/4" Umatic Standard
  • 8, Hi-8, Digital 8
  • Betacam SP
  • Betamax
  • DVCam
  • DVPro
  • DVD
  • miniDV (used in many consumer camcorders)
  • S-VHS
  • Digitized video on CD/Web (Some limits apply)