Classroom Recording

EMS Video

Faculty and Staff may request to have their classroom lectures or presentations recorded. These recordings can then be made available on CDs, DVDs or online for their students to review. To discuss or request a recording, contact us at: or 263-3163.

We have a number of rooms in the College of Engineering equipped for multimedia recording. At the present time presentations and classes in Engineering Hall 1610, 1721, 1800, 2534, Mechanical Engineering 1106, 1153, 1163, and Engineering Centers Building 1003, 1025 are capable of being recorded.


Streaming -
- Live or archived, instructional or promotional, single event or a multiple session. EMS can link your videos from a server via a Web page. We can record you material directly for live streaming or transfer your taped material into a streaming format. Multiple formats -- QuickTime, Windows Media, Flash, MPEG4 -- are all available for distribution.



Mediasite - Mediasite
Will allow you to record a small video window and full size computer slides in a presentation (see above graphic). If you do not have computer slides or have slides with videos in your presentation, this may not be your best choice. Your audience watches through the Mediasite Viewer, making it easy to navigate and play from any point in your presentation. This technology is not supported on Macintosh computers.

Digitized Video - We can create a digitized file recorded live from your presentation.

Remote shoots - If you need a us to shoot in a lab or classroom not set up to shoot. We can shoot with our remote setup.