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To expand their impact on College of Engineering teaching, learning and research, the Engineering Learning Center, Engineering Media Services and Wendt Library are consolidating under the new name “Wendt Commons.”

More... [link to full news item about Wendt Commons]

Engineering Media Services maintains the media equipment in many of the College of Engineering conference rooms, classrooms, and labs. We also offer a variety of services and hands-on help to the Engineering community.

Are You having problems in our rooms?

If you are having troubles please call 890-3325 or email Jeff Stevens

Here are a few things to watch for:

If the projector is not projecting and you don't see any light coming from the lens:
Cycle the power. Push power button, wait then turn on again

The projector is working, but won't show your laptop:
You may need to toggle your video output on. Press the alt and the function key with CRT/LCD (function +F8 on Dells)