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College Policy on Evaluation of Teaching Assistants - 7th Week Observations
As a result of mandates by the Board of Regents, the College of Engineering developed new policies on the selection, training and evaluation of Teaching Assistants several years ago. As most of you know, you are now required to evaluate your TAs each semester. You are also asked to meet and discuss the end of semester evaluation results with the TAs and suggest improvements. Since the purpose of your evaluation is to improve the TA's teaching performance, it will be necessary for you to observe each of your TAs in a teaching situation at some point during the semester.

New TAs :

In addition, those supervising new (first and second semester) TAs are required to observe their TAs in a teaching situation (lecture, lab, discussion section or office hour) and discuss performance with each TA by the seventh week of the semester.

The TA Evaluation by a Faculty Member observation form, as found on pages 29 and 30 of the TA Evaluation and Improvement Handbook, can be duplicated and used if you choose, or you can make up your own. We hope all supervisors will observe their TAs in person or by videotape during the semester to offer improvement ideas. Be sure to notify each TA at least 24 hours in advance, as required by the TA contract. The observation forms do not need to be returned to the department unless a TA needs much improvement. If issues of concern develop, you should notify your chair or Sandra Shaw Courter, Co - director, ELC.

You will receive final TA evaluation forms near the end of the semester. Please complete and return the final forms to the department office.

TAs with experience:

All other supervisors can use the observation form at any point during the semester to give feedback to TAs.

For more information, contact Donna M. Lewis.


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