ELC: Creating a Collaborative Learning Environment

Since spring, 1993, when the Teaching Improvement Program started with Sanders' dissertation and Courter's introductory workshops, twenty percent of the College of Engineering faculty (41 of 205) have participated in the program, now known as CCLE. The program has had strong, positive effects on faculty motivation for pedagogical and curricular innovation, and faculty attitudes and approaches to teaching. Research results show changes in the way individual faculty view and discuss themselves, their peers, and their students; the beginnings of organizational changes as faculty work together to change curriculum; and evolution of collaboration, self-reflection, and peer mentoring.

1995-96 enrollment was 38 with 20 stage one facilitated team participants and 18 stage two quad participants. In collaboration with CCLE, the ELC actively encourages engineering faculty and staff to participate in the CCLE experience.

A three-year grant from the Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE) makes the program available to all faculty in the Physical Sciences Division. From fall, 1993, through spring, 1995, the pilot was funded as part of the IBM TQM Partnership Program: Assessment of Effects of TQM on Higher Education. For more information, contact Dr. Katherine Sanders, Director, at 263-3452 or ksanders@engr.wisc.edu.

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