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Learning Organization Roundtable - History

The recent dialogues among Wisconsin professionals about organizational learning came about as part of the research of Rebecca Cors a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Since May 2002, Rebecca and her advisor, Pat Eagan, have been working with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to improve environmental protection and management. After reading literature about organizational learning, Rebecca was curious about what today's practitioners are thinking and doing, and began contacting some practitioners she knew. She began by asking whether these folks would be interested in having some kind of dialogue. A number of these practitioners expressed an interest in organizing a dialogue, and suggested that the first meeting be a session to discuss how to best design this type of gathering.

About a dozen individuals, both academic and non-academic, met on the morning of January 9th, 2003 to do just that. The ideas from this meeting and some goals for the WDNR project helped Rebecca, and co-facilitators Anne Forbes, Partners in Place, and Sandy Courter, design the May 5th, 2003 Conversation About Organizational Learning.

At both meetings, the groups expressed an interest in on-going dialogues about organizational learning, case studies, and related topics.


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