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A Conversation about Organizational Learning

May 5th, 2003

Meeting Materials
    Meeting Summary

        Powerpoint presentation
        Appreciative Inquiry Factsheet
        Appreciative Interview Sheet
        "Learning Organization" Literature Review
        A Resource Roundup Worksheet

Photos from The Meeting

Dayle Haglund, UW Engineering Learning Center, conducts an appreciative interview with Michael Millis, Soulstice Training.

Warren Kmiec, UW Health Training and Development, reports his group's skills and climate factors that promote organizational learning.

Your facilitators (from left): Sandy Courter, UW Engineering Learning Center, Rebecca Cors, UW Engineering Professional Development, and Anne Forbes, Partners in Place}.

Facilitators (from left) Rebecca Cors, UW Engineering Professional Development, Anne Forbes, Partners in Place.

Dean Pribbenow, UW Office of Quality, smiles after posting his resouces for organizational learning.

Anne Forbes, facilitator, commends participants for coming up with so many organizational learning resources.

Rebecca Cors, facilitator, thanks participants for coming.





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