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Course Design Guide

The Course Design Guide is under development in a wiki. This is a temporary space, but we would like to share it with you. Hopefully you will find it helpful.
When you go to the link below, you may get a message that there is a "problem with this website's security certificate. You can click on "continue to this website (not recommended)" or if you are in Safari click "Continue" and you should see the guide.

Here is the link: Course Design Guide

Background of the Course Design Guide:

As part of the Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) Project, Academic Technologies (DoIT) partnered with CoE, CALS, and CBE to develop a consulting guide for TEL consultants as well as ELC and CBE staff. The content is so rich that the development team determined that the guide should become a course design guide and available to all instructors. As you review the guide, consider the questions you should ask yourself as you make decisions about your course. Remember, the goal is to help students learn the core concepts so they can practice in their profession effectively.

Cheryl Diermyer, Academic Technologies
Timmo Dugdale, Academic Technologies
Moira Lafayette, CoE Assessment
Sandra Courter, Engineering Learning Center

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