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Overview of Conversations

Currently, the Engineering Education Conversations are on hold.  We will publish information regarding when the next one will take place.  In the futhre, each month the Engineering Learning Center will sponsor a conversation on engineering education.  These casual conversations about current articles relating to teaching will take place on the 2nd Monday of each month in the Engineering Learning Center, which is located in M1012 Engineering Centers Building. It will be a "brownbag," so please bring your lunch and join us from 12 to 1.  Below is a calendar of previous and upcoming meetings and links to the articles we will discuss (or have discussed).  Email us for further information or to suggest articles.  

Engineering Centers Building MobileThis Month

None planned


Past Months

Nov 9 - Changing the Conversation: Messages for Improving Public Understanding of Engineering
   Link:   2008 National Academy of Engineering Report, Changing the Conversation (pdf of the executive summary) 

Discussed this National Academy of Engineering Report on changing the message we provide to the public about engineering.  There is also a podcast available on the report. 

October 12 - A Culture of Innovation in Engineering Learning
     2009 ASEE Report: Creating a Culture for Scholarly and Systemic Innovation in Engineering Education Learning 

Reflected on the meanings of this report for our work here at UW-Madison.  

September 14 - Effectively Teaching Large Classes
     Chapter 12 of Engaging Large Classes
by Christine Stanley and Eric Porter  

Teri Balser of the Biology Department co-facilitated the discussion on teaching large classes. Balser has extensive experience teaching large classes and teaching the graduate course, "Teaching Large Classes," which will taught again this spring. Faculty are welcome to sit in on that; it meets Fridays from 3:00-4:30pm.

April 13 - Engineering Communication
Guest Facilitator - Laura Grossenbacher, Technical Communication Program Director
"Teaching Communication in Capstone Design: The Role of the Instructor in Situated Learning," from the October 2008 JEE  
       We shared ideas about communication teaching in capstone design courses. A starting point for the discussion was an article by Dr. Marie Paretti, a faculty member at Virginia Tech and formerly of UW-Madison, titled, "Teaching Communication in Capstone Design: The Role of the Instructor in Situated Learning."

March 9 - Engaging Students
     "Pedagogies of Engagment: Classroom-Based
from the January 2005 JEE  

February 9 - Math Skill Development for Engineers
     We discussed "Looking Beyond Content: Skills Development For Engineers," also from the July 2008 JEE. This article by Edward Redish and Karl Smith discusses best-practices in helping engineering students develop the skill of mathematical modeling and gives the underlying theory for these practices. 

November 17, 2008 - 21st Century Engineering
     We looked at a few editorials from the July 2008 Journal of Engineering Education on what 21st century engineering education should look like.
     "Context and Challenge for 21st Century Engineering Education"
     "Perspectives from Industry"

October 20, 2008 - What Students Want
     "Excellence in Engineering Education: Views of
     Undergraduate Engineering Students,"
from the
     July 2007 JEE