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Dean Paul Peercy   Despite their educational foundation in the analytical, physical and theoretical, engineers develop and express their creativity in many ways. They are, in fact, artists: Place a problem before engineers and they will pick it up, spin it around and examine it from many angles, much like painters, photographers or sculptors might explore a fascinating subject. And like the pieces you see in galleries, museums, public spaces or your own homes, the results of engineers’ work take many shapes and exist in a variety of media.

While artists—not engineers—created most of the pieces you’ll see on our campus, you might be surprised at the intersections between those fields. One work pays homage to two of the college’s world-renowned research centers; another highlights steel connections every structural engineer should know. Other pieces artists have created with metal-casting, laser-optic or computer technologies that engineers also have used in their work.

Wisconsin’s Percent for Art Program and gifts from several generous donors have made it possible for us to beautify the engineering campus with these exhibits. We reap daily enjoyment from them. As you explore our campus on this engineering art walk, I hope you enjoy them, too.

Paul Peercy, Dean of the College of Engineering

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