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Roxanne Beisel.

Roxanne Beisel

Engineering External Relations

Roxanne Beisel possesses a kind of internal radar—a sixth sense for hazards in an otherwise smooth process. Countless times, she made phone calls, placed friendly reminders, and offered trouble-shooting advice that kept publications on deadline, deliveries on target, and payments in the proper amount and account. This fall, Beisel retired from her position as program assistant in the Engineering External Relations Office (EER).

The secret behind her 30-plus years of productive and efficient university service is her dedication to people. Every day, Beisel addressed dozens of questions and problems that came to her from all directions, tapping her vast store of contacts, as well as years of university knowledge and experience, to develop solutions.

In addition to queries from media, industry, and academic and governmental agencies, EER receives calls from people who are unsure where to turn for answers in the vast UW System. With her friendly manner and even temperament, Beisel handled all of those questions, and more—ensuring that callers’ first impressions were positive and all encounters productive. By listening carefully, she helped clarify each inquiry, minimizing frustration and saving time and effort.

Beisel applied her many people and organizational skills to help EER navigate myriad mysterious university processes. Where most people saw receipts, forms and requisitions, she saw the people behind the paper. In most cases, she understood where a document originated, who generated it, and exactly what it was meant to achieve. When that meaning wasn’t clear or documents sent out became lost at sea, Beisel was adept at reeling them in. She regularly spotted problems in process that could derail a project or cost the college time and money.

The Engineering External Relations Office is charged with improving recognition of the College of Engineering as a world-class institution for education and research. Beisel’s incredible efficiency and dedication enabled EER staff to focus on that goal. She was a resource at every stage of many projects—from the College of Engineering annual report, alumni newsletter Perspective, and individual departmental newsletters to Innovation Days, Appreciation Day, alumni receptions, building dedications, and Engineers’ Day.

Beisel lives in Pickerington, Ohio, with her husband, Mike. Her son Jeff and daughter-in-law Jennifer live close by. Daughter Amanda is volunteering as a missionary in the Czech Republic.