University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering

Key themes focus interdisciplinary research points across engineering fields at UW-Madison.


These areas guide innovative work in our research centers, industry consortia, and laboratories.

Major Research Themes

Icon: Kristyn Masters using an optical microscope. Advancing healthcare

We create new methods and technologies for drug delivery, tissue regeneration, medical imaging and early detection and treatment of cancers. Research projects continue to yield deeper understanding of stem cells, viruses, protein development, cellular processes and the human brain.



Icon: Wind turbine blade spinning. Energy independence

The College of Engineering continues to lead initiatives for securing energy supplies. Research centers on strategies for using alternative energy sources, charting processes for using available sources more efficiently, and optimizing the economics of energy acquisition and distribution.



Flexible manufacturing research laboratory Advanced manufacturing

The expertise of College of Engineering faculty supports manufacturing goals for tapping future markets. Within the broad areas of profitability, productivity, and sustainability, faculty members hold leadership roles in international and national advances in manufacturing practice.



Icon: Waterfalls. Environmental sustainability

In a sustainable environment consumption of natural resources balances conservation. To support the long-term perspective of environmental sustainability, the College of Engineering encourages and supports connections among engineering fields for advancing related research. 



Icon: Nuclear reactor and power lines Improving security

Our research groups advance knowledge about analysis and design of secure networks, power systems, and other critical infrastructure. The groups work on key aspects of security, such as identifying potential sources of security breaches, planning, decision making, prioritizing, and developing action plans. 



Icon: Highway bridge. Transportation infrastructure

The College of Engineering is home to state-of-the-art research laboratories for studying traffic operations and safety. Research work across multiple engineering fields has produced important results for several modes of travel.