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Advanced manufacturing and
materials discovery and sustainability


Where advanced research and manufacturing industries connect


The expertise of engineering faculty supports manufacturing goals for tapping future markets. Within the broad areas of profitability, productivity, and sustainability, faculty members hold leadership roles in international and national advances in manufacturing practice.

Additionally, researchers in the trans-disciplinary Grainger Institute for Engineering at UW-Madison are focusing on advanced manufacturing and materials discovery and sustainability.

These research areas are critical at a national level: U.S. President Barack Obama aims to reinvigorate U.S. manufacturing through an initiative called the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation. Research leadership in advanced manufacturing will help to strengthen the global competitiveness of existing U.S. manufacturers, spur new ventures, and boost local and state economies. Advanced materials are key to the success of this initiative. The national Materials Genome Initiative aims to boost U.S. manufacturing competitiveness and make the process of discovering and developing advanced materials faster, less expensive, and more predictable.

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