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University of Wisconsin - Madison College of Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering News

  1. Engelstad becomes ASME fellow

  2. Startup focuses on reliable, efficient cooling for computer servers

  3. Simulating lightweight vehicles operating on discrete terrain

  4. UW-Madison engineering programs ranked highly in U.S. News and World Report

  5. UW-Madison a partner in national effort to retool U.S. manufacturing

  6. Meet the BAT 600, UW-Madison’s next clean snowmobile

  7. Fellowships help undergrads turn pro

  8. Turng named honored service member of Society of Plastics Engineers

  9. The next dimension: 3D color printer wins innovation competition

  10. Sound Engineering: Improving the catheter

  11. Lessons from an unlikely career

  12. Two UW-Madison faculty named to National Academy of Engineering

  13. Engineers named Vilas Associates

  14. Reinforcing design, honoring dedication

  15. Can you really heat a room for 15 cents a day worth of tea lights?

  16. Engine Research Center collaborates on new DOE engine research

  17. Reflections on innovation

  18. UW-Madison student team takes on global health challenge in Hult Prize

  19. UW-Madison students chosen to compete for Hult Prize

  20. Researchers seek to understand the brain, boost batteries, improve patient care, and produce advanced biofuels

  21. Popular Science welcomes non-pneumatic tires to the market

  22. Eom picked for MIT visiting professorship

  23. While you were away: Catching up on a not-so-dead winter break

  24. Particle searches depend on UW-Madison engineers

  25. College of Engineering 2013 highlights

  26. Engineer’s ingenuity connects MS patient with touchscreen device

  27. Online engineering graduate programs ranked No. 3

  28. Five questions with product design expert Dave Franchino

  29. Cooling inspired by sweat

  30. Consortium gives small engine industry an edge

  31. Focus on new faculty: Sage Kokjohn, tackling the mysteries of internal-combustion engines

  32. Textbooks advance learning for the computer generation

  33. Girl Scouts explore science, technology careers

  34. Verona third-graders get a diverse tour of mechanical engineering labs

  35. Reindl named ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer

  36. ‘Smart’ medical material aims to unfurl at 98.6 degrees

  37. An innovative past: A look at Wisconsin’s most interesting and impactful inventions

  38. Racine students explore engineering’s possibilities at UW-Madison

  39. Engineer applies new technology in medical robotics

  40. Thelen named ASME fellow

  41. Gift reinforces design, honors dedication

  42. Mechanical engineers collaborate with Wisconsin company to ID weld defects

  43. UW-Madison College of Engineering to honor eight outstanding alumni

  44. Wisconsin Applied Computing Center harnesses supercomputing for engineering and much more

  45. Thelen receives NIH grant for ACL research

  46. Nellis named ASHRAE Fellow

  47. Informatics of 'making' aims to unite computing, materials and manufacturing advances

  48. Pfotenhauer named cryogenic society fellow

  49. Introducing 10 new College of Engineering faculty members

  50. University of Wisconsin wheelchair lift is access-friendly

  51. Badgers on Dairy Lane: UW-Madison Day at the 2013 Wisconsin State Fair

  52. ASME honors Ghandhi

  53. ME undergrad earns ASME scholarship

  54. Underrepresented high-schoolers get a taste of COE undergrad life

  55. Lorenz to receive IEEE Kaufmann Award

  56. Five questions ... about manufacturing systems engineering education

  57. Three college-related companies are business competition finalists

  58. Pfefferkorn to investigate use of diamond coatings and modulation in drilling applications

  59. ME alum named to National Academy of Engineering

  60. ME student receives paper prize

  61. Distance-delivered graduate education proposals advance

  62. Klein earns several honors

  63. Our global footprint: How faculty, staff and student connections extend around the world

  64. Advanced manufacturing focus of June 10-14 conference

  65. Rothamer earns SAE teaching award

  66. Creative energy harvest and storage ideas top energy and sustainability competition

  67. College, grad programs, in top-20 in U.S. News rankings

  68. UW-Madison engineering students win 2013 Clean Snowmobile Challenge

  69. Adaptive ski project gives people with disabilities a new chance to participate

  70. Pfefferkorn lauded for journal reviews

  71. Focus on new faculty: Melih Eriten and the mysteries of friction

  72. On the road or in the kitchen: Novel storage solutions top engineering design competition

  73. Ian Robertson named new UW-Madison engineering dean

  74. The hand is the hook: With competition prizes, printable prosthetic moves closer to market

  75. ASME honors new ME faculty member

  76. Private gifts support nearly 40 engineering faculty professorships

  77. Solving large systems of linear equations on supercomputers

  78. On October 26, the college will honor seven outstanding engineering alumni

  79. Madison company Echometrix gets OK to sell ultrasound technology

  80. Suresh to collaborate with Mercury Marine on topology optimization

  81. Li earns NSF funding to improve rapid-response healthcare

  82. NSF grant for Suresh study of model simplification

  83. Team studies the mechanics of stronger bones

  84. UW-Madison, college, among top U.S. public universities

  85. Save the dates: Blended learning seminar series begins September 19

  86. Engine research for a cleaner future

  87. New leadership for Manufacturing Systems Engineering

  88. Bucky's day out: UW-Madison at the Wisconsin State Fair

  89. Duffie earns medal for manufacturing research

  90. From summer abroad in China, students acquire a new view of the world

  91. Computational science immersion inspires another group of high schoolers

  92. Engine research accolades for Reitz and students

  93. With help from Milwaukee company, two engineers graduate with a head start

  94. Modeling liquid flows to optimize electronics cooling

  95. Modeling biofuel fitness for the sea

  96. Probe seeking life on Saturn’s moon earns student team a spot at international space conference

  97. Turng student wins plastics paper award

  98. UW-Madison earns DOE funding for nuclear engineering innovations

  99. U.S. Army awards Negrut $120,000 to augment supercomputer

  100. Mechanical and engineering physics professor picked for Chinese university enrichment

  101. Moskwa recognized for innovative engine test system

  102. For plastics knowledge, India looks to UW-Madison engineers

  103. Cheap, printable prosthetic hand wins top prize at 2012 Innovation Days

  104. Shapiro named editor-in-chief of top computer science industry publication

  105. UW-Madison online engineering master's programs ranked No. 1

  106. Optimizing internal combustion: CAREER award supports study of new diagnostic tool

  107. Products for hockey, shelter, win engineering design competition

  108. Moskwa recognized for high bandwidth engine test system

  109. From wind turbines to inflatable interim housing: Engineering undergrads display functional products at Dec. 14 design competition

  110. Online cryogenic design game wins immersive learning award

  111. Doctor's basement tinkering leads to development of intracranial pressure monitor

  112. Assistive technology expo showcases new engineering solutions for the disabled

  113. For UW-Madison homecoming parade, Bucky's got a new ride

  114. Video: Opportunities in engineering: Annual report 2011

  115. Engineering alumni to receive top college honors at Oct. 14 Engineers' Day

  116. University, private-sector collaboration brings Bucky Wagon back for homecoming

  117. For The Record: The New Auto Industry

  118. Marines give Wis. team funding for diesel engine

  119. Wisconsin engineer, entrepreneur move 'green' diesel engine closer to market

  120. Building the Bucky Wagon: Follow the blog

  121. Human gait soon could power portable electronics

  122. UW-Madison spinoff receives $1.5 million for optimizing dual-fuel engines

  123. Engineering innovations impress visitors at the Wisconsin State Fair

  124. Hybrid vehicle team to test drive new, efficient dual-fuel engine

  125. UW-Madison undergrads win NASA habitat design competition

  126. Piranhas and polymers: Students take materials science and ethics course in Colombia

  127. College honors 25 faculty and staff at spring celebration

  128. Thousands experience science at successful Engineering Expo

  129. Engineering students win top honors for electric snowmobile

  130. Engineering alumni named to WAA Forward under 40 list

  131. Probing the mysteries of nanoscale wear

  132. Electronic stent deployment system wins top prize at 2011 Innovation Days

  133. Classroom innovation: Kershner joins Wendt Commons as instructional designer

  134. Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery facility opens on UW-Madison campus

  135. Alumni and students ‘cook up’ future of vehicle teams

  136. Engineers team up with Trek for cycling research

  137. Friction stir welding fuses engineering research and Wisconsin industry

  138. College honors distinguished alumni at Oct. 8 Engineers' Day celebration

  139. Improving the cutting edge

  140. Computers—and people—work in parallel at new laboratory

  141. UW-Madison undergrads to design a room that's literally out of this world

  142. Powertrain Control Research Lab celebrates 20-plus years of vehicle research

  143. 1995 Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) grants