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University of Wisconsin - Madison College of Engineering

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Manufacturing News

  1. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Bill in Congress would establish 'manufacturing universities'

  2. College of Engineering helps WARF near the top in university patents

  3. Computer science, industrial engineering research enhances robotic manufacturing

  4. Rudolph honored as outstanding young manufacturing engineer

  5. Quick Response Manufacturing book now available in six languages

  6. Two UW student teams are finalists in national inventors competition

  7. UW-Madison College of Engineering to honor alumni at Engineers’ Day

  8. Li and Zhou receive grant to model performance indicators in smart manufacturing

  9. Preventative medicine: Algorithms enable manufacturers to remotely anticipate machine health crises

  10. Digital manufacturing team calls for research proposals and input

  11. Shi receives grant to benefit industrial planning from top floor to shop floor

  12. Wisconsin plastics industry has roots in modest, multitalented UW-Madison professor

  13. An investment in the great people of our college

  14. UW-Madison College of Engineering up, loons down

  15. A big boost for innovation

  16. UW-Madison College of Engineering receives $25 million grant

  17. UW-Madson College of Engineering gets $25 million research gift

  18. UW-Madison engineering programs ranked highly in U.S. News and World Report

  19. UW-Madison a partner in national effort to retool U.S. manufacturing

  20. Madison biotech supplier goes lean to stave off foreign competitors

  21. Focus on new faculty: Kaibo Liu, making data translate in the real world

  22. College of Engineering 2013 highlights

  23. NSF grant funds bio-manufacturing study

  24. Paper on vehicle paint quality receives award

  25. Five questions ... about manufacturing systems engineering education

  26. Fast companies: 20 years of quick-response manufacturing

  27. Advanced manufacturing focus of June 10-14 conference

  28. ISyE Professor Emeritus George Box passes away

  29. With new high-tech materials, researchers aim to catalyze U.S. manufacturing future

  30. Suresh to collaborate with Mercury Marine on topology optimization

  31. Article on quick response manufacturing wins national award

  32. New leadership for Manufacturing Systems Engineering

  33. Duffie earns medal for manufacturing research

  34. Strengthening bonds with the welding industry

  35. Bringing best practices to Wisconsin manufacturers

  36. Inspired by steel, nano-manufacturing gets wear-resistant carbide tip

  37. Cheap, printable prosthetic hand wins top prize at 2012 Innovation Days

  38. Video: Opportunities in engineering: Annual report 2011

  39. QRM helps Plover, Wisconsin, company to slash lead times, expand into new markets

  40. Thousands experience science at successful Engineering Expo

  41. A matter of timing: New strategies for debugging electronics

  42. Industrial engineering professor emeritus named to manufacturing 'dream team'

  43. Friction stir welding fuses engineering research and Wisconsin industry

  44. It's about time: U.S. manufacturers CAN compete

  45. Partnering with UW-Madison QRM center gives Phoenix Products a bright future

  46. Engineers receive $3.7 million for nuclear energy research