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University of Wisconsin - Madison College of Engineering

College in the News 2014 Archive

  1. Caledonia resident on UW team developing printer that can be used by NASA

  2. Student creates partnership between engineering and local hospitals

  3. Researcher finds hidden efficiencies in computer architecture

  4. UW-Madison researchers develop new technology to diagnose asthma

  5. Floating nuclear plants could ride out tsunamis

  6. 6 world-changing things invented by proud Wisconsinites

  7. The inventor of everything

  8. UW promotes housing co-production for tiny house project

  9. Self-powered electronics may be the future

  10. Madison's tiny houses for homeless an example of 'housing co-production,' says planning journal

  11. Driver distraction a leading cause of accidents

  12. Students develop "full-colour" FDM 3D printer adapter

  13. Odds of winning lottery 1,000 times greater than picking perfect NCAA bracket

  14. Tailoring disease screening programs to individuals

  15. Simulating lightweight vehicles operating on discrete terrain

  16. The present and future role of microfluidics in biomedical research

  17. Add a bus stop to your diet

  18. Experts to focus on driver distraction as safety concerns grow

  19. Longevity in business: Firm's engineering expertise seen around U.S.

  20. Brewing biofuel

  21. Two college students invented an adapter that allows 3D printers to print in full color for less than $100

  22. On Wisconsin Magazine: Nuclear Engineering 234

  23. Aerogel offers greener method of absorbing oil from water

  24. New technology could make for cheaper, faster oil spill cleanup, UW researchers say

  25. Oil spill cleanup by sponge: Madison scientists tout tidy technology

  26. Good vibrations: UW researcher says vibration energy could charge smartphones

  27. UW-Madison engineering professor developing cellphone charger without electrical cord

  28. Madison biotech supplier goes lean to stave off foreign competitors

  29. Officials seek solutions to Highway PD driving nightmare

  30. Can you really heat a room for 15 cents a day worth of tea lights?

  31. UW-Madison students chosen to compete for Hult Prize

  32. UW-Madison researchers are building better biofuels

  33. UW, UWM team up on energy, power and control

  34. Chemical treatment could cut cost of biofuel

  35. Carbon nanotube transistors could help displays flex

  36. Microbe Detectives brings DNA sequencing to water