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Materials Science Program


November 15, 2012
4:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.
room 265 Materials Science and Engineering Building
1509 University Avenue


Diana J. Rhoads

Graphene Oxide: Curiosities, Challenges and Solutions

Materials Science Program

by Jiaxing Huang, Professor
MS&E Department, Northwestern University

Graphite oxide sheets, now called graphene oxide (GO), are made by exfoliation of graphite using century-old chemical reactions. Interest in this old material has resurged with the rapid development of graphene since 2004, as GO is considered to be a promising precursor for bulk production of graphene. Apart from making graphene, GO itself also has many intriguing properties. For example, GO can be viewed as two-dimensional (2D) soft material such as 2D polymers, highly anisotropic colloids that can form liquid crystals, membranes, or 2D surfactants.

In this talk, I will share some curiosity driven discoveries such as the use of GO as surfactant, which has led to all-carbon composites for solar cells. GO sheets can also re-stack to construct nanofluidic ion channels. Next, I will highlight a few problems associated with the manufacturing and processing of GO and its graphene product, including the potential fire risk of GO, the difficulties of imaging these single atomic layers and their ease of aggregation during processing. Strategies and solutions to address these problems will be introduced. Some applications in photovoltaics and energy storage will be introduced.

Of primary interest to:
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering



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