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University of Wisconsin - Madison College of Engineering

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Environment and Sustainability News

  1. Calculating the future of solar fuels

  2. With new professor, university-industry effort to focus on energy

  3. Reconciling freight and community

  4. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Battery researcher named to lead UWM energy storage effort

  5. Air quality and its impact on transplants

  6. Wisconsin Public Radio: Geothermal exchange for heating and cooling in Wisconsin

  7. Students and stakeholders invited to reimagine energy future

  8. The Badger Herald: Frac sand mining business booms in Wisconsin, sparks controversy

  9. UW-Madison bioproducts researchers to share in $3.3 million Department of Energy grant

  10. New motor under development by UW-Madison spinoff

  11. Recycled biofuel byproducts could make biofuels even greener

  12. Ludois to develop motor without rare-earth metals

  13. Collaboration aims at longer-lasting roads for northern states

  14. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: UW-Madison awarded $4 million for nuclear power R&D

  15. UW-Madison launches online Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering

  16. UW-Madison engineers develop new, extremely fuel-efficient car engine

  17. The Capital Times: Q&A: UW’s Teresa Adams on why a driverless car won’t be in your driveway soon

  18. Wisconsin Public Radio: Biofuels for aviation

  19. Research Innovation Committee funds five research projects

  20. Quest: Microgrids: Electricity goes local

  21. A tree may have the answers to renewable energy

  22. Containing the worst industrial waste

  23. Best-ever efficiency points to clean, green gas-diesel engine

  24. Aviation offers a way forward in biofuels research

  25. Three new studies to take a look at angles related to Wisconsin water

  26. A livable city solution: The powerful potential of microgrids

  27. UW-Madison to receive electric micro cars for sustainability research

  28. Dumesic named highly cited researcher

  29. UW-Madison College of Engineering up, loons down

  30. A big boost for innovation

  31. UW-Madison College of Engineering receives $25 million grant

  32. UW-Madson College of Engineering gets $25 million research gift

  33. Kewaunee closing makes Wisconsin's task to meet EPA rules tougher

  34. New undergraduate sustainability certificate launching

  35. Engineers awarded SIRE grants

  36. UW-Madison engineer elected to National Academy of Sciences

  37. UW–Madison Styrofoam reuse and recycling program wins competition

  38. UW-Madison team wins EPA sustainability competition

  39. Coal ash = environmental win (when you recycle it)

  40. Loheide to pursue hydrology research in Argentina with Fulbright award

  41. Driving the electric truck, Orchid Monroe, and UW-Madison's win-win

  42. Wisconsin engineer earns presidential award

  43. The inventor of everything: Banholzer takes on shoddy science

  44. Startup focuses on reliable, efficient cooling for computer servers

  45. UW-Madison engineering programs ranked highly in U.S. News and World Report

  46. Brewing biofuel

  47. Focus on new faculty: Soyoung (Sue) Ahn, filling the gaps in traffic research

  48. Schauer to speak at EPA forum

  49. Aerogel offers greener method of absorbing oil from water

  50. New technology could make for cheaper, faster oil spill cleanup, UW researchers say

  51. "Greener" aerogel technology holds potential for oil and chemical clean-up

  52. Meet the BAT 600, UW-Madison’s next clean snowmobile

  53. Oil spill cleanup by sponge: Madison scientists tout tidy technology

  54. Rethinking carbon capture for the built environment

  55. Reflections on innovation

  56. Researchers seek to understand the brain, boost batteries, improve patient care, and produce advanced biofuels

  57. UW-Madison researchers are building better biofuels

  58. Banholzer wins American Chemical Society's Barnes Award

  59. Chemical treatment could cut cost of biofuel

  60. Renewable chemical ready for biofuels scale-up

  61. College of Engineering 2013 highlights

  62. Sound Engineering: Hands-on sustainability

  63. Focus on new faculty: Sage Kokjohn, tackling the mysteries of internal-combustion engines

  64. Inventor group honors Wisconsin engineer Dumesic

  65. Water systems research fills in the details for Africa’s largest dam

  66. How a strong research career begins

  67. Energy engineers discuss vision for nuclear

  68. How waste wood works for forests

  69. Sound Engineering: Water wars and the big picture

  70. Nov. 4 author lecture to spark dialog about ailing U.S. infrastructure

  71. Engineering faculty to join energy discussion at Tales from Planet Earth Film Festival

  72. Schauer part of WHO research on pollution and cancer

  73. Benson featured in UT-Austin lecture series

  74. ASCE names Paschke a fellow of the society

  75. The chemistry of color: Energy researcher develops dye-based solar cells

  76. Sound Engineering: How engineers can advance biofuels

  77. At UW-Madison, retired Dow exec will focus on innovation

  78. Introducing 10 new College of Engineering faculty members

  79. New process targets valuable green chemicals

  80. Storm water treatment will strip phosphorus from Arboretum pond

  81. ASME honors Ghandhi

  82. Solid, sustainable engineering student design

  83. Geotechnical engineers earn ASCE honor

  84. Future looks bright for carbon nanotube solar cells

  85. Sustainability master's helps professional engineers grow in new directions

  86. Early career award funds study of messenger RNA stability

  87. Focus on new faculty: Christy Remucal, optimizing ways to remove contaminants from water

  88. Creative energy harvest and storage ideas top energy and sustainability competition

  89. With 400th PhD grad, UW-Madison celebrates half a century of fusion energy

  90. Team to study how the sun could help make fuel

  91. Huber research gaining attention

  92. College, grad programs, in top-20 in U.S. News rankings

  93. UW-Madison engineering students win 2013 Clean Snowmobile Challenge

  94. Three faculty among UW-Madison Kellett award recipients

  95. Focus on new faculty: Sarlioglu seeks to bolster the efficiency of electrical systems

  96. Focus on new faculty: Bill Likos and the mechanics of unsaturated soils

  97. Jennifer Reed: Metabolism modeler

  98. Focus on new faculty: Matt Ginder-Vogel, using chemistry for a cleaner environment

  99. Building green gas technology without a manual: An interview with grad student Robert Coolman

  100. Ferris and others to create tool to guide bioenergy policy

  101. In Yosemite meadow, study could spark conversation about restoration

  102. New biofuel conversion process cuts costly separating step

  103. Researchers develop efficient, scalable process for making renewable liquid fuels

  104. Researchers explore a sustainable bio-based chemical economy

  105. Sunflowers inspire more efficient solar power system

  106. Sustainability engineers fill key industry needs

  107. Lake algae: What you can't see can hurt you

  108. Designing microbes that make energy-dense biofuels, without the sugar

  109. Modeling biofuel fitness for the sea

  110. UW-Madison launches online sustainable systems engineering graduate program

  111. "Impact the World" series profiles Engineers Without Borders in Rwanda

  112. Geotechnical, nuclear engineers named to National Academy of Engineering

  113. Spin-off company earns $4 million in recent funding

  114. Optimizing internal combustion: CAREER award supports study of new diagnostic tool

  115. Forage know-how gives Wisconsin farmers an edge in growing biomass

  116. It's not easy going green

  117. Video: Opportunities in engineering: Annual report 2011

  118. Microformer team wins second place in student humanitarian competition

  119. Marines give Wis. team funding for diesel engine

  120. New pond will protect Arboretum, Lake Wingra, from stormwater influx

  121. Hybrid vehicle team to test drive new, efficient dual-fuel engine

  122. Benson appointed UW-Madison sustainability research and education director

  123. Using satellites to enhance air quality understanding

  124. Humans and the clean-energy debate: Lectures to address carbon emissions and how we all can agree on a solution

  125. Power plants: Technologies for green fuel

  126. Monroe manufacturer partners with UW-Madison on electric truck

  127. UW-Madison fusion experiments earn nearly $11 million in grants

  128. Alumni and students ‘cook up’ future of vehicle teams

  129. UW-Madison research informs upcoming EPA coal-combustion products ruling

  130. New technique shows 50-year history of toxic algae in Lake Wingra

  131. Researchers discover less-expensive low-temperature catalyst for hydrogen purification

  132. Long collaboration with sewer district helps city, university

  133. Join Engineers Without Borders to design Lake Wingra biofiltration garden

  134. UW-Madison and American Le Mans Series showcase green vehicles

  135. Confronting toxic blue-green algae in Madison lakes

  136. From sky and lake, researchers study blue-green algae