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Biomedical Engineering News

  1. Digging into a biological tool patent

  2. Multidisciplinary group of researchers to study the microenvironment of cervical cancer cells

  3. Wireless microcamera clusters broaden laparoscopic imaging

  4. Researchers identify protein crucial for stem cell survival using editing tool CRISPR

  5. Wisconsin State Journal: UW-Madison opens science labs to rural Wisconsin students

  6. Engineering students gain global perspective studying in China

  7. To India and back: BME design students motivated to reduce infant mortality

  8. Lifting as they climb: Ferraro Family Scholarship helps undergrads help others

  9. Catalyzing materials research across Wisconsin

  10. Gift to Morgridge Institute ‘Fab Lab’ to boost medical device innovations

  11. NIH funds Wan-Ju Li’s stem cell research

  12. Biomedical engineering instructor engages and inspires students, encourages diversity

  13. Students develop innovative devices through biomedical engineering design

  14. Biomedical engineers bring winning innovations to 2015 Burrill Competition

  15. Engineering students win 2015 Tong Design Award with modified Chinese finger trap

  16. Announcing some of our new faculty stars

  17. The future of internships is virtual

  18. Innovative BME design studio sets UW-Madison apart

  19. New test aids personalized cancer care

  20. Taking the long view on diversity in engineering

  21. Device to assist infant delivery wins Tong Award at BME Design Expo

  22. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Virtual home intended to break down walls in health care

  23. Catalyzing UW-Madison’s neuroengineering community

  24. Popular Science: Computer chips can now be made from wood

  25. Engadget: ‘Nano-paper' chips end up in compost heaps, not landfills

  26. Biodegradable computer chips created by UW, Forest Lab researchers

  27. What could a wood chip do? Advance could mean biodegradable computer chips

  28. Gizmodo: We can now make computer chips out of wood

  29. Focus on new faculty: Megan McClean, innovating cellular engineering with light

  30. Forbes: DARPA takes a stab at needle-free blood draws

  31. Many engineering students honored at chancellor’s undergraduate awards ceremony

  32. Traumatic brain injury research gets $4.5 million boost from the Department of Defense

  33. MIT Club of Wisconsin to honor Beebe, AquaMost

  34. Engineering Expo inspires K-12 students to explore engineering

  35. Simple sample: Federal grant advances pain-free blood tests from UW startup

  36. Morgridge Institute, UW partners select three postdoctoral fellows

  37. Omid Forouzan: Microfluidics allows for close study of virus-host interactions

  38. Xconomy: Tasso, GenTegra push ahead with DARPA-backed home blood-draw device

  39. The Guardian: Human genetic engineering demands more than a moratorium

  40. Cracking the (zip)code of neural cells

  41. Chesler and alum named AIMBE fellows

  42. Wausau Daily Herald: Engineers buttress Wisconsin industries

  43. Texts used 'round the world: Webster continues to publish in retirement

  44. Badger Herald: UW research will target how toxins affect the human body

  45. BME returning adult student wins campus-wide award

  46. With new tools, researchers aim to broaden understanding of how toxins affect the body

  47. BME alum’s company raises $1.5 million from investors

  48. TCNL research featured in bestselling book

  49. UW-Madison engineers' knowledge, skills a boon to state and national employers

  50. College of Engineering helps WARF near the top in university patents

  51. Materials Today: Acta Biomaterialia selected in the Science Citation Index

  52. Beebe, team awarded $2.8 million grant to improve prostate cancer testing

  53. Wisconsin State Journal: 'Tissue chips' could replace animal studies, UW-Madison researchers say

  54. Internet of Things Lab open house showcases student innovation

  55. Keeping track: Stem cell spare-parts inventory needed

  56. Mackie focuses future on entrepreneurship

  57. BME alum Domenech Garcia wins role model award

  58. BellBrook Labs and UW-Madison team awarded NCI contract to develop next generation cancer models

  59. Microtubes create cozy space for neurons to grow, and grow fast

  60. Two UW student teams are finalists in national inventors competition

  61. Ma, Williams to collaborate on bioelectronics research

  62. The Why Files: Stem cell advance

  63. Researchers to fight HPV-associated cancers

  64. The Daily Cardinal: UW-Madison senior Maria Estevez discusses women pursuing STEM fields

  65. Extreme Tech: Transparent optogenetic brain implants

  66. UW-Madison College of Engineering to honor alumni at Engineers’ Day

  67. See-through sensors open new window into the brain

  68. DARPA: Atom-width graphene sensors could provide unprecedented insights into brain structure and function

  69. Spinoff SHINE Medical hits major funding milestone

  70. Elucent tracks down an improvement in breast-cancer treatment

  71. Understanding how ovarian cancer spreads

  72. Alliant Energy Foundation and UW System recognizes two UW-Madison engineers as outstanding students

  73. BME faculty honored by cellular and molecular engineering journal

  74. Fellowship allows BME grad students to find their passion

  75. New program recognizes valuable contributions made by early-career scientists

  76. American Society of Biomechanics awards Slane’s graduate work

  77. UW-Madison team developing 'tissue chip' to screen neurological toxins

  78. Recent BME grad receives young scientist award from ASB

  79. BME PhD student recognized with two awards

  80. Crone set to guide Graduate School into new era

  81. Medical Engineering team makes foray into microfluidics

  82. University spinoff aims to hit the mark precisely with brain-scanning tool

  83. Team to develop new MRI platform

  84. Sound Engineering: Spreading the benefits of stem-cell advances

  85. Biomedical engineers to collaborate on stem cell culture platform research

  86. Strong engineers, strong community

  87. New design lab is critical part of BME undergraduate education

  88. Kreeger, Saha named "Young Innovators"

  89. Chesler receives diversity honor

  90. Murrell receives NSF grant for cell research

  91. Big Picture Science: Replace what ails you

  92. To your health: Researchers explore what happens when heart cells fail

  93. New imaging agent provides better picture of the gut

  94. Digital manufacturing team calls for research proposals and input

  95. Chicago investors flock to Madison start-ups

  96. UW-Madison researchers part of new cell manufacturing consortium

  97. Company co-founded by professor partners with Johnson and Johnson

  98. Ashton, Saha receive Innovation in Regulatory Science Award

  99. Focus on new faculty: Michael Murrell, using photographs to understand mechanical forces in cells

  100. New advancements in arthritis research

  101. Crone named Society of Experimental Mechanics fellow

  102. Asthma treatment and research breakthroughs

  103. Stem-cell advances may quell ethics debate

  104. UW-Madison College of Engineering up, loons down

  105. A big boost for innovation

  106. Novel collaboration links pharmaceutical expertise in Wisconsin, Taiwan

  107. Faster, safer method zaps tumors with great success

  108. UW-Madson College of Engineering gets $25 million research gift

  109. UW-Madison College of Engineering receives $25 million grant

  110. Murphy joins editorial board of biomaterials journal

  111. UW-Madison engineers win in Governor's Business Plan Contest

  112. Tinkering fosters business success for Internet of Things Lab

  113. Biomedical engineers to study vascular network development in tissue scaffolds

  114. Anesthesia applicator device wins 2014 Innovative Minds Prize

  115. Biomedical engineers offer much-needed update for blood-sampling process

  116. Engineering students among Chancellor’s Undergraduate Awards winners

  117. Saha receives NSF CAREER Award to improve the genetic engineering of stem cells

  118. Williams' research featured in web teaching tool

  119. Disposable timer could be a nurse's best friend

  120. Chesler graduates from ELATE program

  121. UV light-emitting bandage wins 2014 Qualcomm Innovation Prize

  122. UW-Madison researchers develop new technology to diagnose asthma

  123. The key to easy asthma diagnosis is in the blood

  124. The present and future role of microfluidics in biomedical research

  125. Small scale, large potential: an expert weighs in on the future of microfluidics

  126. UW-Madison engineering programs ranked highly in U.S. News and World Report

  127. Stem cell advance yields mature heart muscle cells

  128. Aerogel offers greener method of absorbing oil from water

  129. New technology could make for cheaper, faster oil spill cleanup, UW researchers say

  130. "Greener" aerogel technology holds potential for oil and chemical clean-up

  131. Oil spill cleanup by sponge: Madison scientists tout tidy technology

  132. Beebe and partners to develop new cancer analysis method

  133. Two UW-Madison faculty named to National Academy of Engineering

  134. Engineers named Vilas Associates

  135. Reflections on innovation

  136. Researchers seek to understand the brain, boost batteries, improve patient care, and produce advanced biofuels

  137. While you were away: Catching up on a not-so-dead winter break

  138. College of Engineering 2013 highlights

  139. BME grad students shine in 100-Hour Challenge

  140. A paradigm-shifting step in stem cell research

  141. Perspective Wisconsin: Rhodes Scholar Drew Birrenkott

  142. Engineering World Health: A small but potent student group on a mission to save lives across the globe

  143. UW researchers develop device to improve life after stroke

  144. UW-Madison senior wins Rhodes Scholarship

  145. Printing without boundaries: Expanding uses for 3D printers

  146. Racine students explore engineering’s possibilities at UW-Madison

  147. Discovery sheds light on how changes in lungs can hurt the heart

  148. Biomedical engineer aims to mitigate older adults' risk of falls

  149. Echometrix technology helps humans and horses

  150. UW-Madison College of Engineering to honor eight outstanding alumni

  151. Grant funds more individualized cancer therapy from a single blood draw

  152. Sound Engineering: The mystery of forces in living matter

  153. Tenure Track Assistant, Associate or Full Professor sought

  154. Beebe and collaborators to study breast cancer drug efficacy

  155. The BME and MS&E Departments welcomes new faculty member - Michael Murrell

  156. The BME Department welcomes new faculty member - Jeremy Rogers

  157. Sound Engineering: Fighting disease with optics

  158. Introducing 10 new College of Engineering faculty members

  159. BME call for fall design project ideas

  160. Gong receives NIH grant for cancer biology research

  161. Five questions ... about manufacturing systems engineering education

  162. Chen wins funding for virtual reality home rehabilitation device

  163. Team earns grant focused on reducing workplace injury, fatigue

  164. Our global footprint: How faculty, staff and student connections extend around the world

  165. Nimunkar awarded global scholarship honor

  166. Williams receives inaugural restorative neuroscience award

  167. Engineering students recognized for service and leadership

  168. Students in UW housing celebrate outstanding educators

  169. Cancer-screening software wins wireless competition

  170. Creative energy harvest and storage ideas top energy and sustainability competition

  171. Vanderheiden project receives $12 million for implementation in Europe

  172. Material screening method allows more precise control over stem cells

  173. Vanderheiden receives award for contributions to low vision work

  174. Seven engineers named UW-Madison Vilas Associates

  175. Virtual exertions research uses muscle activity to move virtual objects

  176. Chesler named ELATE fellow

  177. Lynn, Shusta earn American Chemical Society awards

  178. College, grad programs, in top-20 in U.S. News rankings

  179. Two engineers among UW-Madison Romnes Faculty Fellowship recipients

  180. Focus on new faculty: Kris Saha and the intersection of disease, data and public health

  181. Li earns 3M faculty award

  182. Video tool could help active workers avoid injury

  183. What proteins say about cell behavior

  184. Spotting ovarian cancer, before it's too late

  185. Tenure Track Assistant, Associate or Full Professor sought

  186. Ian Robertson named new UW-Madison engineering dean

  187. The hand is the hook: With competition prizes, printable prosthetic moves closer to market

  188. Private gifts support nearly 40 engineering faculty professorships

  189. In new course, students will fight cholera in Sierra Leone

  190. Team to study link between BPD and adult heart disease

  191. Kreeger awarded $720K for ovarian cancer research

  192. Block earns support to investigate image-guided drug delivery

  193. Virtual internship program earns NSF support

  194. Madison company Echometrix gets OK to sell ultrasound technology

  195. Recovery at work: Treatment may end, but challenges persist for breast cancer survivors

  196. Bill Murphy named Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center co-director

  197. New interdisciplinary collaboration will develop coaching program for surgical excellence

  198. $800K for Radwin study of repetitive motion injury

  199. The language of stem cells, decoded

  200. UW-Madison, college, among top U.S. public universities

  201. Save the dates: Blended learning seminar series begins September 19

  202. The BME Department welcomes new faculty member - Kris Saha

  203. From summer abroad in China, students acquire a new view of the world

  204. Thomson lab lands $2.2 million NIH grant for human cellular modeling for drug testing

  205. Masters to participate in NAE symposium

  206. BME grad student earns best poster award

  207. UW-Madison biomedical engineering, pharmacy researcher earns international honor

  208. Cheap, printable prosthetic hand wins top prize at 2012 Innovation Days

  209. Smallest tools could yield biggest results in bone repair

  210. Materials engineer applies education to stem cell challenges

  211. Two projects to study cell-to-cell communications

  212. Biomedical engineer receives $2.5M Grand Challenges Point-of Care Diagnostics Grant

  213. Meyerand elected AIMBE fellow

  214. With careful thought, brain sensors connect neurons with actions

  215. Biomedical undergrads take second place in inventor competition

  216. Dielectric study awarded PMB citations prize

  217. Doctor's basement tinkering leads to development of intracranial pressure monitor

  218. Medow creates life-saving device for children with hydrocephalus

  219. Assistive technology expo showcases new engineering solutions for the disabled

  220. Video: Opportunities in engineering: Annual report 2011

  221. Engineering alumni to receive top college honors at Oct. 14 Engineers' Day

  222. Innovation awards go to biochemist, micro-engineer at UW–Madison

  223. The cyborg in us all

  224. New study will explore impact of exercise on pulmonary hypertension

  225. Engineering innovations impress visitors at the Wisconsin State Fair

  226. College honors 25 faculty and staff at spring celebration

  227. Thousands experience science at successful Engineering Expo

  228. Fast fix: Bioactive coatings promote cell growth

  229. Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery facility opens on UW-Madison campus

  230. Less pain, more gain: Silver-lined bandages prevent infection and promote healing

  231. Blending engineering and the arts

  232. Tongue-stimulation research focuses on multiple sclerosis

  233. Breathing room: Technology idea will treat lung ailments

  234. UW-Madison students make 'genetic machines' for international competition

  235. Entrepreneur translates research into real-world health solutions

  236. College honors distinguished alumni at Oct. 8 Engineers' Day celebration

  237. May 7 biomedical engineering student invention expo to showcase real medical solutions

  238. CAREER award funds study of how estrogen-mimics affect cells

  239. Two UW-Madison alumni among top-10 Pop-Sci geniuses