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Research Innovation Committee funds five research projects

 The College of Engineering Research Innovation Committee has announced funding for five proposals in its spring 2014 competition to identify interdisciplinary research projects among college faculty. The winning proposals are:

"Controlled release of DNA from surfaces," by Chemical and Biological Engineering Professor David M. Lynn; Timothy A. Hacker of the Cardiovascular Research Center; Bo Liu, Craig Kent and Glen Leverson of the Department of Surgery; and Animal Science Assistant Professor Dhanu Shanmuganayagam.

"Development of a continuous energy adjoint Monte Carlo code and adaptive geometry neutron sources for the detection of nuclear and radiological threats," by Engineering Physics Professor Douglass Henderson and Engineering Physics Research Professor John F. Santarius.

"University Transportation Center stimulation project: Investigating UW partnerships in sustainable transportation," by Civil and Environmental Engineering Associate Researcher Ernest B. Perry, Professor Teresa M. Adams and Associate Professor Tracey Holloway; Professor of Public Affairs Donald Moynihan; Engineering Physics Associate Scientist Paul Meier; and Urban and Regional Planning Assistant Professor Kurt Paulsen.

"Wisconsin Center for Engineering Biofactories," by Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Parmesh Ramanathan; Chemical and Biological Engineering Associate Professors Jennifer Reed and Brian Pfleger; Biochemistry Associate Professor Aseem Ansari; Chemistry Professor David Schwartz;  and Bacteriology Associate Professor Michael Thomas.

"Scalable direct nanomanufacturing on flexible substrates based on laser machining and nanophotonics," by Lynn H. Matthias Professor and Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Hongrui Jiang and Assistant Professor Zongfu YuMechanical Engineering Professor Neil A. Duffie; and Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Frank E. Pfefferkorn.

Scott Gordon