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UW-Madison, Korean researchers establish partnership

Thanks to the establishing efforts of Engineering Physics Research Professor Laila El-Guebaly, the UW-Madison College of Engineering, the National Fusion Research Institute of Daejeon, S. Korea, and the College of Engineering of Seoul National University in Seoul, S. Korea, have agreed to explore a partnership to support mutually beneficial research in nuclear fusion and beyond. One of the initial goals of the collaboration will be to design a demonstration fusion power plant, but the relationship could well expand in the future to include other research areas within the College of Engineering and other research institutions at UW-Madison. The partnership, signed in December 2013 and January 2014, would also include such activities as faculty and student exchanges and collaborative searches for outside funding sources. The collaboration builds off of South Korea's aggressive pursuit of nuclear fusion and the many strengths of UW-Madison's fusion programs, including research on radiation transport.

Scott Gordon