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Journal of Applied Physics features Shohet teamwork

The cover of the December issue of the Journal of Applied Physics features an invited review paper by H. Sinha, H.Ren, M.T. Nichols, J.L. Lauer, M. Tomoyasu, N.M. Russell, G. Jiang, G.A. Antonelli, Y. Nishi and Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Leon Shohet. The piece covers about a decade of work that the group has conducted on the interaction of vacuum ultraviolet radiation with low dielectric constant materials. 

The materials are critical parts needed for the next generation of semiconductor devices. Much of the worked was performed at the UW synchrotron facility and included Stanford University and industrial collaborators, such as Tokyo Electron Limited, Novellus/Lam Research, IBM, and GlobalFoundries. The team concluded that vacuum ultraviolet radiation used during chip processing can both cause and remove damage, depending on its wavelength.

Mark Riechers