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Edil honored for geotechnical contributions

The American Society of Civil Engineers Geo-Institute board of governors has selected Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geological Engineering Professor Emeritus Tuncer Edil to receive its 2013 Karl Terzaghi Award. Edil has made contributions in research and practice by developing sustainable geotechnical design and construction using recycled materials and industrial byproducts, and expanding fundamental understanding of organic chemical transport in engineered barriers. 

Additionally, the selection committee noted Edil’s development of time-dependent compression models for practical applications such as embankments on very soft ground, and his award-winning research contributions on geosynthetic behavior related to applications such as sludge filtration, column-supported embankments, and containment barrier systems.

Presented every other year, the award recognizes outstanding contributions to knowledge in soil mechanics, and subsurface and earthwork engineering and construction. 

Renee Meiller