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Three MS&E researchers earn conference awards

At Microscopy and Microanalysis, the annual conference of the Microscopy Society of America and the Microbeam Analysis Society, held August 4-8 in Indianapolis, three members of Materials Science and Engineering Associate Professor Paul Voyles’ research group received recognition for their research. 

Andrew Yankovich received an MAS meeting award for his contribution, “Measuring surface atom bond length contraction in Au and Pt nanoparticles using high-precision STEM imaging.” Fengyuan Shi won a travel grant to attend the meeting from the Midwest Microscopy and Microanalysis Society, for her research, “MnMn/O interface termination at the Co2MnaSi/MgO interface in magnetic tunnel junctions investigated by scanning transmission electron microscopy,” and Junwoo Hwang received an MSA postdoctoral paper award for “Computational structure refinement by hybrid reverse Monte Carlo simulation incorporating fluctuation electron microscopy.” 

Renee Meiller