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Sridharan earns UW-Madison academic staff award

Engineering Physics and Materials Science and Engineering Distinguished Research Professor Kumar Sridharan is among 10 academic staff to receive UW-Madison excellence awards in 2013. Sridharan earned the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research. Sridharan has also been selected to serve on the editorial committee of Advanced Materials and Processes, the flagship magazine of American Society for Materials.

"Kumar is one of the most productive researchers in our department," says Jake Blanchard, professor and chair of engineering physics. "His innovative research ideas have played a central role in developing and advancing several innovative concepts related to nuclear materials and other important engineering applications of novel materials, significantly enhancing national and international visibility for himself and UW-Madison." 

Sridharan has placed numerous publications in top materials journals and has procured highly competitive grant awards from a range of federal agencies and industry. His grant-procurement record in nuclear materials ranks among the highest of any primary investigator in the country.

Sridharan found it difficult to name the most rewarding aspect of his job, but settled on two answers: "I would say discovering new aspects of materials structure and performance, as well as educating and mentoring students to become better researchers." 

Renee Meiller