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Polygon names 2012 teaching excellence winners

In late April, the Polygon Engineering Council announced winners of the 2012 Polygon Teaching Excellence Awards, which are determined by undergraduate voting. Teaching assistant winners this year include: Suyash Singh, chemical and biological engineering; Josiah Jon Hawley, civil and environmental engineering; Prachi Agarwal, electrical and computer engineering; Thomas A. Carstens, engineering physics; and Kristofer M. Dressler, mechanical engineering.

Faculty and instructional staff winners are: John Puccinelli, associate faculty associate, biomedical engineering; Daniel J. Klingenberg, professor, chemical and biological engineering; Chin-Hsien Wu, professor, civil and environmental engineering; Michael G. Morrow, faculty associate, electrical and computer engineering; Joshua K. Kundert, faculty associate, engineering technical communications; Robert J. Witt, associate professor, engineering physics; Glenn R. Bower, faculty associate, mechanical engineering; Christopher G. Carlson-Dakes, assistant faculty associate, engineering general resources; Jay M. Samuel, senior lecturer, materials science and engineering; and Jeffrey T. Linderoth, professor, industrial and systems engineering.

Mark Riechers