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Engineering physics faculty receive grant for development of accident tolerant fuels

The Department of Energy awarded a $300,000 grant to Engineering Physics Distinguished Research Professor Kumar Sridharan, Engineering Physics Professor Todd Allen and Wisconsin Distinguished Professor of Engineering Physics Michael Corradini to develop coatings for zirconium-alloy fuel claddings with improved corrosion resistance and critical heat flux, affording greater accident tolerance.

The multi-institutional award, "Holistic approach to an enhanced accident tolerant fuel system,"is led by AREVA Corp. The team will research, develop and test diverse concepts, including advanced coatings, nanoparticle-containing coolants, and novel fuel pellet designs with additives, and new structural materials for claddings. Collaborators from power utilities Duke Energy and the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Savannah River National Laboratory, and the University of Florida also will work on the project.

Mark Riechers