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  5. Spin-off company earns $4 million in recent funding

Spin-off company earns $4 million in recent funding

AquaMost Inc., a company founded by Animal Sciences Senior Scientist Terence Barry, Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Marc Anderson, Associate Scientist Dean Tompkins and Associate Scientist Emeritus Walter Zeltner, received a $1million SBIR Phase 2 grant from the National Institutes of Health-National Institutes of Environmental Health Services, as well as an additional $3 million in series B funding, led by the Marquette Golden Angels Network (Milwaukee) and Wisconsin Investment Partners (Madison). The company is using a technology called photoelectrocatalytic oxidation (PECO), which was originally patented by WARF. Initially, Barry developed the technology into a novel water-purification device for use in aquariums and aquaculture. Now the company is focusing on point-of-use drinking-water purification and environmental remediation—including remediating groundwater contaminated by leaking underground storage tanks, and water contaminated by natural gas fracking operations.

Renee Meiller