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  5. On Nov. 21, take a sneak peek of the renovated Wendt Commons space

On Nov. 21, take a sneak peek at the renovated Wendt Commons space

For most of summer and about half of fall, there's been lots of destruction and reconstruction on the fourth floor of Wendt Commons, which has been closed to public access for several months.

Now, the books have been moved, the dust has settled, and the fourth floor has a new look and a new purpose.

Its grand opening won't be held until February 2012. However, on Monday, November 21, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. you can take a sneak peek at the airy, modern space and learn more about the new Wisconsin Collaboratory for Enhanced Learning Center, or WisCEL.

There will be 15-minute tours of the space, which is more than just a souped-up study area. This completely transformed fourth floor now includes tons of technology and a unique student-centric design that will facilitate collaborative teaching and learning. When WisCEL fully opens in spring 2012, it also will host introductory engineering courses in electrical circuits and statics. 

During the tours, you can learn about the WisCEL approach to teaching, how it facilitates learning, and when the space is available outside of instructional activity. WisCEL is a campuswide effort at UW-Madison to improve the quality and long-term value of undergraduate education at the university. On November 21, you also can tour the new "twin" WisCEL center across campus in 3250 College Library. 

Renee Meiller