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University of Wisconsin - Madison College of Engineering

2007 News Release Archive

  1. Shock tube studies bring astronomical understanding light years closer

  2. Foreign ozone emissions lower U.S. air quality

  3. Eliminating cracks in aluminum welds

  4. Student news: A nuclear family: UW-Madison ANS student chapter builds community

  5. Concrete samples provide clues to coated rebar condition

  6. Student news: For students, electric ‘sled’ is good, clean fun in the snow

  7. Student news: Materials science and engineering undergrad is an expert on ice

  8. College honors 16 at Oct. 26 Engineers' Day festivities

  9. Built to last: New Mechanical Engineering Building ready for generations of innovation

  10. Study of bacterial communities may provide climate-change clues

  11. Record-setting Career Connection builds relationships between students and employers

  12. Doping technique brings nanomechanical devices into the semiconductor world

  13. Twelve new faculty join the College of Engineering

  14. Concrete Canoe Team victorious in the Netherlands

  15. Finely tuned asphalt mixes may reduce roadway wear

  16. Center to examine applications of construction ‘waste’

  17. Wisconsin engineers ready a blueprint for a nanomechanical computer

  18. Soil particles found to boost prion capability to infect

  19. Chemical and biological engineers develop higher-energy liquid-transportation fuel from sugar

  20. University of Wisconsin-Madison five-time national concrete canoe champs

  21. Midwest transportation coalition addresses regional freight challenges

  22. Research may yield improved treatment for diseased lungs

  23. Unique engine-centered master's program graduates first class

  24. GE Healthcare, UW partnership sharpens medical imaging advances

  25. College of Engineering honors faculty and staff award winners

  26. UW-Madison bridge, canoe teams sweep regional competition

  27. NSF CAREER award: Resident bacteria may help clean phosphorus from eutrophied lakes

  28. Virginia Tech shooting victims to be memorialized at UW-Madison gathering

  29. Ultrathin films deliver DNA as possible gene therapy tool

  30. Study: Online information may improve cancer patients’ opinions about doctors

  31. UW-Madison quasi-symmetrical stellarator: A step forward for plasma research

  32. Engineering faculty members among participants in Wisconsin Institute for Discovery seed grants

  33. University of Wisconsin engineer to head DOE fusion energy office

  34. Hidden gems: New composites are stiffer than diamond

  35. Single-handed fishing kit reels in first place in invention competition

  36. Proof expands limits of composite materials

  37. Study helps nanotech researchers hone outreach skills

  38. Stem cells used to create critical brain barrier in lab

  39. World-record speed for thin-film transistors could revolutionize flexible electronics