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University of Wisconsin - Madison College of Engineering

2006 News Release Archive

  1. Good heavens: Space telescopes may have steadier view

  2. UW-Madison professor leads national effort to improve medical records

  3. Good sports: Hamstring findings may help injured athletes stay healthy

  4. University of Wisconsin Energy Institute engages stakeholders in creative solutions

  5. UW engineers develop more than tenfold improvement in measuring virus infectivity

  6. Web portal to paint ‘big picture’ of Wisconsin traffic safety

  7. College honors 15 at Oct. 13 Engineers' Day festivities

  8. Microbial “blueprint” may unlock mysteries of wastewater treatment

  9. Making more functional biopolymers

  10. Biggest Career Connection ever brings students and employers together

  11. College welcomes eight new faculty members

  12. UW-Madison engineers present at ACS

  13. Engineering a ‘Trojan horse’ to sneak drugs into the brain

  14. MATC, UW-Madison collaborate on biodiesel fuel reactor

  15. Harnessing the power of bacteria

  16. Autonomous lenses may bring microworld into focus

  17. New MR technique quickly builds 3-D images of knees

  18. New program to advance personal health care through technology

  19. Study shows most effective ways for cancer patients to learn online

  20. UW team invents fast, flexible, low-power 3-D computer chips on plastic

  21. Study of urban roadside dirt reveals potentially toxic mixture of metals

  22. New process makes diesel fuel and industrial chemicals from simple sugar

  23. Campus leaders reflect on Denice Denton's life

  24. Researchers study why waste in bioreactor landfills degrades in haste

  25. Physicists persevere in quest for inexhaustible energy source

  26. UW-Madison Concrete Canoe Team takes fourth consecutive national championship

  27. New approach allows closer look at smoker lungs

  28. UW-Madison engineer named chief scientist for international fusion experiment

  29. Just one nanosecond: Clocking events at the nanoscale

  30. Cramer appointed Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

  31. Five COE faculty win NSF CAREER Awards

  32. CEE alum Boldt receives honorary degree

  33. Metal-embedding method helps tiny sensors function in extreme environments

  34. College of Engineering honors faculty and staff award recipients

  35. Art, engineering entwined in outdoor exhibit May 1-14

  36. Soil-bound prions remain infectious

  37. Scientists fashion semiconductors into flexible membranes

  38. Technology helps electricity consumers become suppliers

  39. Cancer patients get emotional benefits from participating in online support groups

  40. UW engineers squeeze secrets from proteins

  41. Patrick Farrell to become UW-Madison's next provost

  42. New technology could reduce the cost of auto radar

  43. Liquid crystals show promise in controlling embryonic stem cells

  44. Thin is in: Engineering tool targets plastics, other slender parts

  45. Geological engineer named to national academy

  46. Study shows link between clear lakes and contaminated fish

  47. Concentrating solar collector earns first place in creativity, prototype competitions

  48. Study explains unexpected conductivity of nanoscale silicon

  49. Undergraduate invention competitions set for Feb. 9 and 10

  50. From 2-D blueprint, material assembles into novel 3-D nanostructures

  51. Study examines use of online breast cancer support groups

  52. Take-home lessons: Classroom projects translate into immediate workplace gains

  53. Radiation studies key to nuclear reactor life, recycling spent fuel