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University of Wisconsin - Madison College of Engineering

2005 News Release Archive

  1. New technologies target food-borne illnesses

  2. Study finds organizations can affect physician job satisfaction

  3. Advances may enable on-the-spot prostate cancer treatment

  4. Dancing bacteria? UW chemical and biological engineers explain choreography of bacteria

  5. Lightfoot receives National Medal of Science

  6. 3M and 3M Foundation give $1.6 million to MEIE Building Project

  7. Bridge reinforcement system tapped for technology award

  8. Grant encourages patient-centered research approaches

  9. Innovative “recycling” project could reduce U.S. inventory of spent nuclear fuel

  10. College honors 16 at Oct. 21 Engineers' Day festivities

  11. Engineers help turn science into interactive exhibits

  12. Tool from metals' design could aid protein engineering

  13. Early proteins may have sprouted under thirsty conditions

  14. UW-Madison nanoscale research receives big boost

  15. Microfluidics offers new portals for discovery

  16. UW-Madison helps Imago carry out its big vision for seeing small

  17. Fall Career Connection largest in five years

  18. New faculty boast diverse skills

  19. Engineering sources for continued media coverage

  20. Two groups funded for innovative learning initiatives

  21. Despite gains, women still face bias in science careers

  22. Ethanol treatment may be instrumental in fighting IV-based infections

  23. Polymer bandages may give old bridges new life

  24. UW-Madison in driver's seat of national transportation center

  25. Study reveals what makes super-hard ceramics strong yet supple

  26. Engineers chart semiconductors on the scale of atoms

  27. Fusion reactor could detect explosives

  28. Scientists probe CWD's spread through soils

  29. Diamonds are a scientist's best friend: Research into building better small machines

  30. A new tool for keeping computers cool

  31. UW-Madison Concrete Canoe Team Wins 3rd Consecutive National Competition

  32. Engineers recognized for Rwanda aid

  33. Microchip inventor and UW engineering alumnus Kilby dies

  34. Polymer grid technology a boon for bridges

  35. New technique provides path to manufacturing complex nano-electronic devices

  36. Green diesel: New process makes liquid transportation fuel from plants

  37. Engineering professor tapped for presidential award

  38. The inverse Doppler effect

  39. College of Engineering faculty/staff awards

  40. New laser provides spectrum of sensing data

  41. ECE team devises nanoscale method for investigating living systems

  42. Big collaboration links learners to science on a tiny scale

  43. UW-Madison professor aids effort to develop standard healthcare assessments

  44. UW-Madison Engineering EXPO, April 14-16, 2005

  45. Students strive to create clean energy future

  46. Warning drivers of weather conditions on the road

  47. UW-Madison workgroup helps state companies tap the power of RFID

  48. Muetze and Gopalan win NSF CAREER awards

  49. Time is money

  50. Creative students create business based on student creativity

  51. The stuff of dreams

  52. Firefighter life-saving invention wins top Innovation Days Prize

  53. Student innovators prepare to compete on Innovation Days, Feb. 10 and 11

  54. Researchers squeeze atomic arrangements to create superior memory material

  55. Job market for engineering grads bouncing back

  56. Nanoscale electron island could lead to new efficient flat-panel displays

  57. Freshman design course gives students a glimpse of their futures

  58. New IE name reflects broader focus