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New faculty join college


Todd R. Allen

Todd R. Allen (Large image)

Todd Allen
Engineering Physics
From 1997 until he joined the Department of Engineering Physics as an assistant professor, Todd R. Allen worked at Argonne National Laboratory-West, most recently as section manager for reactor materials. He received his PhD in 1997 in nuclear engineering from the University of Michigan; his research interests include materials for nuclear energy systems, radiation damage, electron microscopy, and mechanical testing.


Robert H. Blick

Robert H. Blick (Large image)

Robert Blick
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Robert Blick is an associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and also is affiliated with the Materials Science Program. He received his PhD at the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1996, working on microwave spectroscopy on quantum dots. From there, he completed postdoctoral training at California Institute of Technology, focusing on nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS), and became an assistant professor at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany. His research interests include electromechanical structures on the micro- and nanoscale; single-electron, single-spin circuits and devices; and information processing in quantum and biofunctionalized circuits.



Katherine  Compton

Katherine Compton (Large image)

Katherine Compton
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Katherine Compton, who earned her PhD in computer engineering from Northwestern University in 2003, joins the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering as an assistant professor. Her research interests include reconfigurable computing, reconfigurable architectures, domain-specific architectures, and embedded computing.



Padma  Gopalan

Padma Gopalan (Large image)

Padma Gopalan
Materials Science and Engineering
Padma Gopalan joins the Department of Materials Science and Engineering as an assistant professor and also is affiliated with the Department of Chemistry and the Materials Science Program. After receiving her PhD in polymer chemistry in September 2001 from Cornell University she was a postdoctoral member at Bell Laboratories materials research department from 2001 to 2003. Her research interests include polymer synthesis, electronic and photonic materials, self-assembly and directed-assembly of block copolymers, liquid crystalline polymers, photonic devices and biosensors.



Kristyn S. Masters

Kristyn S. Masters (Large image)

Kristyn S. Masters
Biomedical Engineering
Kristyn S. Masters, who received her PhD in chemical engineering from Rice University in 2001, joins the Department of Biomedical Engineering as an assistant professor. Most recently a postdoctoral fellow working on developing a tissue-engineered heart valve and fabricating microfluidic devices for biological applications at the University of Colorado-Boulder, Masters, is interested in tissue engineering, biomaterials, cell-material interactions, and patterning of cells and cytokines.



Seapahn  Megerian

Seapahn Megerian (Large image)

Seapahn Megerian
Electrical and Computer Engineering
After earning a 2003 PhD in computer science from the University of California-Los Angeles, Seapahn Megerian joins the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering as an assistant professor. His research interests include analysis and design of distributed embedded systems and wireless sensor networks.



Robert D. Nowak

Robert D. Nowak (Large image)

Robert D. Nowak
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Robert D. Nowak joins the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering as an associate professor. Formerly an assistant professor at Michigan State University and most recently an associate professor at Rice University, Nowak received his PhD in electrical and computer engineering from UW-Madison and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Rice University. His research interests include statistical signal and image processing, wavelets and multiscale analysis, computational and applied mathematics, applications in biomedicine, learning systems, and communication networks.



Frank E. Pfefferkorn

Frank E. Pfefferkorn (Large image)

Frank E. Pfefferkorn
Mechanical Engineering
An assistant professor of mechanical engineering, Frank E. Pfefferkorn recently completed postdoctoral studies in the nanoscale thermo fluids laboratory at Purdue University. He built a soft lithography lab and worked on projects related to thermionic emission from nanostructured carbon surfaces, the effect of carbon nanotubes on pool boiling, and anode heating as a result of field emission from a carbon nanotube. Pfefferkorn earned his PhD in mechanical engineering in 2002 from Purdue as well; his research interests include heat transfer, laser-assisted machining and welding, machining of ceramics and other difficult-to-machine materials, carbon nanotube synthesis and applications of carbon nanotubes, and infrared radiation thermometry.



Heidi-Lynn  Ploeg

Heidi-Lynn Ploeg (Large image)

Heidi-Lynn Ploeg
Mechanical Engineering
Heidi-Lynn Ploeg, whose research interests include bone modeling and remodeling, orthopedic implant design, biomechanics, finite element analysis, and fatigue of materials, joins the Department of Mechanical Engineering as an assistant professor. In addition, she is affiliated with UW-CREATe. From 1992 through 2001, Ploeg was a project manager in the research and analysis department at Centerpulse Orthopedics, Ltd., in Winterthur, Switzerland. She conducted her PhD research at Centerpulse and earned her PhD in mechanical engineering in 2000 from Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.



Krishnan  Suresh

Krishnan Suresh (Large image)

Krishnan Suresh
Mechanical Engineering
Krishnan Suresh, who received his PhD in mechanical engineering from Cornell University in 1998, joins the Department of Mechanical Engineering as an assistant professor. From 1998 to 2003, he designed high-precision semiconductor equipment at Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Philadelphia; his research interests include geometric modeling, CAD/CAE automation, precision machine design, and engineering mechanics.



Justin  Williams

Justin Williams (Large image)

Justin Williams
Biomedical Engineering
After receiving his PhD in 2001 from Arizona State University in bioengineering, Justin Williams completed a dual postdoctoral fellowship in neural engineering at the University of Michigan in conjunction with the Department of Neurosurgery at UW-Madison, working on clinical neural implant development. He joins the Department of Biomedical Engineering as an assistant professor. Williams' research interests include neural engineering, neural implant development, implant-tissue interactions, functional neurosurgery, neural rehabilitation, and neural prostheses.