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COE debuts new logo

After more than a decade and a half, the College of Engineering bids a fond farewell to an old standby and with great pride, ushers in its new logo.

It features a clean design and a familiar face, says Karen Walsh , assistant dean for external relations. "The new logo has a contemporary look to take us into the new century," she says. "It also evokes a sense of place because it contains the most recognizable landmark on our college campus: the fountain."

In addition, the logo's color scheme is a more subtle nod to the university as a whole, says Phil Biebl , who designed the new logo. Initially Biebl , senior artist in the Engineering External Relations Office, devised a series of solutions, then narrowed that group to three prototypes. "The logo conveys instantaneously who we are," he says.

It was time for a change, says Walsh . "The old logo had served us well for more than 15 years, and we felt we were ready for a new look," she says.

Because of today's variety of computing resources and capabilities, the new logo's design is also more user-friendly and is available in a variety of file types, including EPS, GIF, JPG and WMF. In addition, there are several versions of the logo, including black-and-white and reversed for dark backgrounds. Visit to download the logo or learn more about how to use it. You also can order letterhead, business and mailing envelopes, notepads, business cards and mailing labels through the site.

"Our goal is the make the change to the new logo as easy as possible," says Walsh. "The website is designed to support whatever the customer prefers for letterhead — whether it's ordering pre-printed letterhead or creating a letterhead template for their computer. We hope this makes the transition for important items like new stationery as manageable as possible."