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University of Wisconsin - Madison College of Engineering

2001 News Release Archive

  1. UW-Madison professor develops new superpave standards

  2. Watch and learn

  3. Creating new avenues for intelligent independence

  4. ME students join Clean Snowmobile Challenge

  5. Portrait of the artist

  6. ECE team helps build the ultimate surveillance system

  7. Center for NanoTechnology to push lithography below 35 nanometers

  8. Portable chemical sensors generated from liquid crystals

  9. Women in science get a major boost from NSF, UW-Madison

  10. Employee "work memory" affects rotation scheduling

  11. College honors 16 at Oct. 26 Engineers' Day celebration

  12. Popular sculpture gets a facelift

  13. Professor studies nuclear safety in deregulated landscape

  14. Lectures to explore future of state's ground water

  15. High energy: Exercise gives state residents a lesson in electricity generation

  16. New faculty members set to make teaching, research impact

  17. Madison Children's Museum to host engineering energy exhibit

  18. Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin visits engineering campus

  19. Reliable, powerful, efficient

  20. WCSAR reaps first crop of seeds from International Space Station

  21. What's that thing in front of the Mechanical Engineering Building?

  22. Industrial partnership seeks answer to microbial mystery

  23. UW-Madison's nuclear reactor going strong after 40 years

  24. Industrial engineering team helps improve output at Springs Window Fashions

  25. Exploring the options

  26. The history of Wendt Library ... abridged

  27. New techniques soup up MRI

  28. Liquid crystals serve as foundation for new chemical sensors

  29. Potential for new superconducting material advances

  30. FutureTruck: Big Score for Big Red

  31. Team Paradigm vies for FutureTruck trophy

  32. EZ Access: Making the world more accessible one product at a time

  33. Engineers graduate from first internet-based program

  34. Research aims to reduce damage in home fires

  35. Student engineering competitions

  36. Virtual house calls: In-home computer-based system optimizes patient care

  37. "One of the most successful Expos in recent memory"

  38. COE debuts new logo

  39. Engineering and physics team to build next-generation quantum computer

  40. Undergraduate instruction drives distance learning

  41. Preserving bacteria through a healthy collaboration

  42. Tongue seen as portal to the brain

  43. College announces new associate deans

  44. New superconducting material packs an applied punch

  45. Two COE faculty named members of the National Academy of Engineering

  46. Working above and beyond: Undergraduates help build equipment for WCSAR

  47. Water gun, infrared control take top honors in student invention competition

  48. Water gun, infrared control take top honors in student invention competition

  49. Student Brainstorm inventions range from leisure to life necessities

  50. Student Brainstorm inventions range from leisure to life necessities

  51. Prototype of revolutionary cancer treatment dedicated

  52. Advance makes voting machines easier to use

  53. Engineering physics students finalists in NASA Mars competition

  54. BME Professor Robert Radwin helps author federal ergonomics study

  55. WCSAR technology shines light on healing

  56. UW-Madison engineering students set for success

  57. UW-Madison engineers share in new national technology push