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College of Engineering honors 17 at Oct. 20 Engineers Day celebration

The College of Engineering will honor 17 faculty, staff, alumni and friends Oct. 20 during its 53rd Engineers' Day banquet at the Monona Terrace Convention and Visitors Center. The day-long celebration includes several seminars that highlight faculty research in universal access, applications of ultrasonic energy, fuel-cell technologies and autos of the future; as well as luncheons, lectures and tours. Visit the Engineers' Day website for a complete schedule of events.

Faculty and staff honorees include:

Byron Bird Award for Excellence in a Research Publication:

Milton J. and A. Maude Shoemaker Chemical Engineering Professor Thomas F. Kuech

Kuech is recognized as one of the foremost scientists in metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). As a result of his research and publications, researchers have adopted MOCVD as the preferred method for preparing semiconductor materials with controlled electronic and optical properties for solid-state lasers and other devices.

Benjamin Smith Reynolds Award for Excellence in Teaching:

Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor John H. Booske

Since Booske joined the department in 1990, his dedication to instruction is continually exhibited through his experiments in improving student learning and his own teaching. He poses thought-provoking questions and makes electromagnetic engineering relevant by illustrating its applications. In his successful teaching approach, Booske actively engages students in interactive discussions and hands-on activities.

 John H. Booske
Benjamin Smith Reynolds Award for Excellence in Teaching:

Meloche-Bascom Chemistry Professor Arthur B. Ellis

A leader in science education at UW-Madison and across the world, Ellis provides enthusiastic service to engineering students taking courses in the Department of Chemistry. He devises new and exciting ways to present chemistry and innovative teaching methods that include peer instruction and intensive writing. Since Ellis began teaching notoriously difficult advanced chemistry courses, completion rates have soared.

 Arthur B. Ellis
Benjamin Smith Reynolds Award for Excellence in Teaching:

Biomedical Engineering Professor John G. Webster

Webster has brought many new and innovative ideas to the college during the past 32 years. He is best known for his ability to create and implement successful teaching techniques and cutting-edge advancements in education, and offers students the opportunity to work in small groups, emulating an industry setting.

 John G. Webster
Bollinger Academic Staff Distinguished Achievement Award:

Senior Lecturer Jay M. Samuel, Departments of Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Samuel is a perennial winner of Pi Tau Sigma's outstanding instructor award. In class, he masterfully explains complex topics; his students praise him for his concern not only for their professional development, but their personal success as well. "My success as a student and young practicing engineer was developed in part by having the opportunity to learn from and work with Dr. Samuel," says a recent graduate.

 Jay M. Samuel

2000 Distinguished Service Award Recipients

John E. Anderson
Executive Vice President (retired)
SSI Technologies, Inc.

David A. Dornfeld
Will C. Hall Family Professor of Engineering and Professor of Manufacturing Engineering
University of California, Berkeley

John P. Holton
Chief Executive Officer

Thomas O. Hunter
Senior Vice President for Defense Programs
Sandia National Laboratories

Leon P. Janssen
General Manager, Academic Accounts
GE Medical Systems

Thomas P. Kunes
Kestrel Management Services, LLC

Markku Markkula
Finnish Parliament

Gerald Nadler
IBM Chair Emeritus in Engineering Management
University of Southern California
Consultant on Breakthrough Thinking

Donald R. Paul
Melvin H. Gertz Regents Chair in Chemical Engineering
Director, Texas Materials Institute
University of Texas at Austin

Lawrence H. Roth
Principal Engineer, Subsurface Consultants, Inc.

John E. Schremp Jr.
President, Firestone Polymers; President, Firestone Natural Rubber Co.
Corporate VP & Officer, Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc.

Karl E. Stahlkopf
President & CEO, EPRIsolutions
Vice President, Power Delivery, EPRI