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ECE Professor DeMarco receives Chancellor's Award for outstanding teaching

Christopher L. DeMarco.
Christopher L. DeMarco Larger Image

ECE Professor Christopher DeMarco is among a group of eight educational leaders who have won this spring's University of Wisconsin-Madison Distinguished Teaching Awards. He received the Chancellor's Award.

Something of an educational conduit, DeMarco has a special gift for creating synergy between on-campus undergraduate students and nontraditional students who take his distance-learning courses. Working engineers in continuing education classes contribute real-world problems and concerns that DeMarco incorporates into the rest of his courses. In turn, he transfers back to industry the new developments and insights gleaned from the classroom and lab.

Students of all levels cite DeMarco's use of innovative technology in teaching. He has "engineered" an extensive set of computational tools used by students on campus and off. And DeMarco is experimenting with web-based video materials to supplement difficult lecture material in one his electrical circuits courses.

"Skills students develop in electrical and computer engineering are critical in shaping our nation and world, enabling the creation of vital new technology. Perhaps more importantly, they foster analytical thinking and a problem-solving approach that will be necessary to effectively manage this new technology and integrate it into society in a beneficial manner," says DeMarco, who joined the engineering faculty in 1985.

Whether played out in a residential learning center, computer lab, or community clinic, the award winners' teaching mastery is a vital part of the way UW-Madison continues to build on its tradition of academic excellence. Other recipients include:

  • William Cronon, Frederick Jackson Turner Professor of History, Geography and Environmental Studies, Chancellor's Award
  • Patrick E. McBride, associate professor of medicine, cardiology and family medicine, Van Hise Outreach Teaching Award
  • Richard Moss, professor of physiology, Chancellor's Award
  • Nadine Nehls, associate professor of nursing, Steiger Award
  • Benjamin Rifkin, associate professor of Russian, Chancellor's Award
  • Gary Sandefur, professor of sociology and American Indian studies, Chancellor's Award
  • Susan E. Skochelak, associate professor of family medicine, Chancellor's Award