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Polygon Teaching Awards and Steuber Prize winners announced

Polygon Engineering Council, the engineering college council of student organizations, announced their annual teaching excellence award winners recently. Undergraduates vote to determine the awards. The faculty and TA winners, listed by discipline, are:

Biomedical Engineering Professor John Webster
TA Hong Cao
Chemical Engineering Professor Thatcher Root
TA Andy Horvath
Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Jeffrey Russell
TA Seth Johnson
Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor John Booske
TA Sheila Ross
Engineering Physics Professor Robert Witt
TA Peter Laux
Engineering Professional Development Lecturer Thomas McGlamery
Industrial Engineering Professor Stephen Robinson
TA Karndee Leopairote
Materials Science and Engineering. Lecturer Jay Samuel
TA Oscar Marcelo Suarez
Mechanical Engineering Lecturer Fred Reames
TA Bruce Stott

Science fiction story wins 2000 Steuber Prize

Chemical Engineering major Constantine Khripin won the 2000 Steuber Prize for Excellence in Writing. His story entitled "Cathedral of Marble Strands" explores life and death in a virtual world. Khripin won $5,000 in prize money. Second place and $3,000 went to Thomas Drew for "Engineered Art," a paper exploring art and engineering in the design and construction of bridges. A tie for third place awarded $1,000 to each writer. They are Sean Weitner for his paper "Morris Fuller Benton: Faces of the American Spirit" and Charles Christenson for "Redefining Progress".

The prize is sponsored by William Steuber, a UW-Madison alumnus. The contest is now in its ninth year. The winning papers will be available in May on the contest's website: