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Engineering Centers Building Groundbreaking set for Tuesday, June 20

Artist conception of Engineering Centers Building.
Artist conception of Engineering Centers Building. Larger Image

The "Temporary Buildings" are history on a number of levels and the stage is now set for construction of the Engineering Centers Building. The formal groundbreaking will be held Tuesday, June 20 at 3:30 p.m. at the corner of Breese Terrace and Old University Avenue. (Enter on Engineering Drive-parking in lot 17 ramp)

T-23 goes down.
The claw of an excavator makes quick work of T-23. Larger Image

Upon completion in 2002, the Engineering Centers Building will provide 135,000 square feet of new space for innovative research, teaching and learning. The first two floors and the mezzanine will be devoted to student activities, including extracurricular organizations and team projects. The remaining space will be devoted to research and teaching in an environment that encourages interdisciplinary activity.

The project has its own website featuring "CentersCam," which users can control to monitor the project. The site's URL is located at [August 2002: The current address is]. The building is made possible by gifts from the college's alumni and friends and the Vilas Trust, along with funds from the State of Wisconsin.