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Road Warriors claim Engineers' Week trophy


American Society of Mechanical Engineers sponsored 'Eweekopoly' in Engineering Hall. (large image)

Pie in the Face

Watch as Associate Dean Michael L. Corradini gets better aquainted with cream filling. (2.75MB, 0:05s MOV)
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All of that strange behavior around the engineering campus last week was actually a celebration of Engineers' Week. All week long, Polygon Engineering Council and engineering student organizations competed for points in a variety of competitions from sumo wrestling to tug-of-war matches. Road Warriors, a combination of UW Futuretruck and UW Formula Society of Automotive Engineers joined forces and won enough points to claim the Engineers' Week trophy as well as a computer and printer.

Sumo Wrestling

Contenders donned padded suits to compete in Triangle Fraternity's Sumo Wrestling event. (large image)