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Public works infrastructure engineering and management course series grows

The effective design, construction, operation and maintenance of the public works infrastructure poses increasingly complex engineering and management challenges. Engineering Professional Development (EPD) has developed one of the most extensive and respected series of infrastructure engineering and management programs offered anywhere.

Asphalt mixing cylinder

In 1997, Engineering Professional Development sponsored a tour of Payne and Dolan, Inc.'s state-of-the-art asphalt reprocessing operation. Shown in front, from left, are Ned Bechtold, president of Payne and Dolan, John Keys, publisher of "Western Builder," and Professor Donald M. Walker, director of the college's Transportation Information Center. Tour attendees are seen standing in front of the asphalt mixing cylinder at Payne and Dolan's Waunakee, Wisconsin processing plant. (large image)

EPD now offers more than 50 continuing education programs each year focusing on virtually all aspects of infrastructure. The courses are grouped around five main areas: highway design and maintenance, traffic engineering, stormwater management, water supply and sewerage, and public works engineering and management. EPD program directors Donald M. Walker, Stephen T. Pudloski, Patrick D. Eagan and, most recently, Howard Rosen, who came to the University from the American Public Works Association, are leading this effort.

According to Pudloski, "This contingent of courses directly touches the lives of all the citizens in this country, because those who attend our courses are working to improve highways and bridges, promote traffic safety, maintain streets and sidewalks, ensure the quality of our drinking water, control flooding, clean lakes and streams and ensure the overall reliability of our infrastructure, and much more." Instructors for these courses are subject area experts from public agencies, consulting firms, business and industry, and academia. The courses translate the latest research findings and best management practices into practical approaches that infrastructure engineers and managers can apply immediately. For more information, contact:

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