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Student bridge builders make trip to national competition

Bridge contest

UW-Madison civil engineering students construct their bridge on the Fort Collins campus of the University of Colorado. (large image)

The UW-Madison Steel Bridge Team placed 20th in a competitive field of 40 at the National Steel Bridge Competition Memorial Day weekend. The event was hosted by the University of Colorado.

"In general, we're quite happy, especially since this was the first time that UW-Madison has participated in the national competition," said team spokesman Daniel Vos. "We're looking forward to next year's competition."

Students work on contest bridge

Competitors make final adjustments to their bridge. (large image)

Sponsored by the American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc., this annual contest requires students to assemble bridges they designed during the school year. The structures are judged on construction speed, stiffness when under a 2,500-pound load, efficiency, economy and aesthetics.

During the school year, Endres Manufacturing of Waunakee assisted the team through the donation of time and materials.

The UW-Madison team is affiliated with the student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers.