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Wisconsin's first lady brings sixth grade classes to COE campus

Wisconsin first lady Sue Ann Thompson - wife of Governor Tommy G. Thompson, and a sixth-grade teacher with the Elroy-Kendall-Wilton School District - visited the College of Engineering campus May 21, along with several other teachers and 86 students.

Thompson regularly brings her students to Madison for a spring outing, but this was the first time the visit included the UW-Madison campus.

Dean meets Sue Ann Thompson

Dean John G. Bollinger greets Wisconsin first lady Sue Ann Thompson as she arrives on the engineering campus. (large image)

"I think the university is a great resource, and what better place to go on a field trip than to see what kinds of things go on on a college campus," she said. "I really believe that starting young is the way to go in motivating our students to look ahead to their future and the potential the university has for them in terms of careers and so forth. The sooner we begin, the better choices they'll make. I believe we can't start young enough to get them thinking in terms of how they can reach their potential"

Dean John G. Bollinger welcomed the group and provided a brief explanation of the sculpture/fountain Máquina, the centerpiece of Engineering Mall.

The group then moved to the Computer-Aided Engineering Building, where students learned how UW-Madison faculty use computers and other technology in the classroom.

Later, the students visited the Intercollegiate Athletic Department facilities and the governor's residence.