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New Environmental Engineering Option Meets Industry Needs

Student in Boat on Lake

Starting this fall, COE students can sign up for a special environmental engineering option. (large image)

This fall, UW-Madison undergraduates in civil engineering will be able to specialize in environmental engineering and receive recognition on their diploma for that option in addition to the civil engineering degree. Environmental engineering faculty developed a new curriculum and courses needed to meet accreditation requirements. "We believe this new option will help address the increased demand for environmental engineers and ever-increasing interest in protecting human heath and the ecosystems," says Paul M. Berthouex, director of the new program.

The new option provides all the advantages of a separate degree, while giving flexibility to students who develop an interest in environmental work. On the advice of practicing engineers, the option retains the basic civil engineering courses in structures and geo-technical engineering. The program differs in the applied engineering requirements and in some engineering core courses and natural science electives.

Students interested in the program may contact Professor Berthouex for more information.