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Wisconsin Engineer Magazine Wins Top National Awards


The Wisconsin Engineer, the college's student-run magazine, was named best all-around magazine at the 1997 Engineering College Magazines Associated (ECMA) National Convention April 18-19 at Virginia Tech University. In all, the magazine received eight honors including additional first-place awards for best layout (all issues) and most entertaining feature. It received a second place award for most improved magazine, and a third place award for best covers (all issues). It also won honorable mentions for best single-issue layout, best single issue, and best article for general science background.

"Being named the best engineering college magazine in the country is the crowning moment and end-result of all the hard work our entire staff has done in the last three years to turn this magazine around," said editor-in-chief Matthew Vokoun, a senior in chemical engineering. "We are very proud of our accomplishments and thankful to everyone in the College of Engineering who has helped us become the excellent magazine we are today."

Dean John G. Bollinger said the magazine represented one of the college's most valuable extracurricular activities. "Industry wants engineering students with excellent communication skills, and this magazine demonstrates that our students really shine in this area. We congratulate them for this national recognition."

ECMA also announced that UW-Madison and the Wisconsin Engineer will host the 1998 ECMA National Convention.