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New CD-ROM contains library of information on disability

The Cooperative Electronic Library on Disability, newly released on CD-ROM, brings together information on disability from around the country. The library was developed by the Trace Research and Development Center, a part of UW-Madison's Waisman Center, with funding from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (U.S. Department of Education) and such companies as Apple Computer, Microsoft, and IBM.

The Cooperative Electronic Library on Disability is an effort to bring together key information resources on disability, combine them into a single source, and distribute them as widely as possible at as low a cost as possible. The easy-to-use library software, written by the Trace Center, requires no previous experience with databases or special training in computers and is designed to be accessible to users with disabilities. It contains data on products and services for people with disabilities, as well as information resources (publications, media and materials on disability). Over 200 full-text documents are also contained in the library, all easily searchable using the Trace Document Browser.

The library is available on a single CD-ROM, distributed at cost ($27) as a service to the public. The same disk will work with either Macintosh or IBM PC (DOS or Windows) and compatible computers. Individuals or organizations wishing to place an order can contact the Trace Center Reprint Service at 608/263-2309, TDD 608/263-5408.