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University of Wisconsin - Madison College of Engineering

1996 News Release Archive

  1. Wendt, other UW-Madison libraries move to the web

  2. Highly Accurate Digital Map to help with Campus Planning

  3. COE Students Engineer Holiday Spirit

  4. Synchrotron Radiation Center named after founder, Ednor Rowe

  5. COE has a Vision for the Future

  6. Institute Helps Students Grow as Leaders

  7. NASA Funds Investigation of Remote Sensing Commercialization

  8. Creative Thinking May Help Retire Old Landfill Problem

  9. Black Inventions Museum Visits College of Engineering

  10. Undergraduate Inventors get Patent Advice from WARF

  11. As Fusion Science Retrenches, COE Reels in a New Program

  12. Outstanding Service Recognized at Engineers' Day '96

  13. ECE Profs Study Technical Impact of Utility Deregulation

  14. New Research Center to Set Pace of Materials Science

  15. Three COE Faculty Members Receive NSF CAREER Grants

  16. Career Connection '96 Links Students with Employers

  17. Astronaut Takes Future Engineers Into Space

  18. Engineering Students Return; Freshmen Well Prepared

  19. TAs and Faculty Gather to Improve Teaching

  20. Huge Racks of Capacitors Arrive for Pegasus Tokamak

  21. Wisconsin TechSearch Assistance to Industry Growing

  22. MS&E Building Undergoing Major Changes

  23. COE Profs Help Keep Trek Bicycle Competitive

  24. Researcher Seeks New Ways to Detect Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  25. Study Reveals Keys to Lead-Time Reduction in Manufacturing

  26. Atom Probe Microscope will Revolutionize Materials Study

  27. COE/Tech School Advance Statistics Education to Benefit Industry

  28. College's FutureCar Team Places Third Nationally

  29. Improving Polymers Through Simulation

  30. UW-Madison Hosts National Concrete Canoe Competition

  31. Taller Microcomponents Lead to New Applications

  32. Diversity Affairs Office Receives $500,000 GE Grant

  33. Student Engineers Win National Road Rally

  34. UW Alums Team up at Cray to Build J90s

  35. Engineering Professors Chosen as Top Teachers

  36. Students Navigating way to National Concrete Canoe Competition

  37. International Students Face Brighter Employment Prospects

  38. Engineering Writing Contest Topics Wide-Ranging

  39. Intelligent Highway Systems to Ease Gridlock

  40. Engineering Freshman Leads Team to Rube Goldberg Nationals

  41. Photonics Center Improves Semiconductor Lasers

  42. New consortium focuses on quality assurance, ISO 9000

  43. New Alumni/Industry Mentor Program reports huge demand

  44. Robots gaining independence

  45. MS&E's Chang elected to National Academy of Engineering

  46. Information place offers central source for students, faculty, staff and visitors

  47. Student invention taps $10,000 first prize

  48. Sculptor builds bridges between art and technology

  49. UW-Madison students re-engineer cities through community ergonomics

  50. New CD-ROM contains library of information on disability

  51. PSII partnership wins $15.5 million NIST grant

  52. Jewelery made by materials engineers integrates technology and style

  53. Plasma research heats up business